We source all of our baby swings from Solvej (pronounced sool-vaay) Swings.  We love their ethos, their craftsmanship and them!! The swings are designed and made by Thomas Mortimer and Jenny Etherington. Thomas, previously a cabinet maker and teacher, wanted to share the wonderful memories he had of swings in this own childhood with his young daughter, Solvej, and designed the first Solvej Swing for their daughter in 1993. Both are particularly passionate about design, as well as environmental and social responsibility; values that are imbued in every aspect of their business. "We want the products we use and are surrounded with to be of high quality, to buy them for a fair price, to care for the environment, and to contribute to society in more ways than just working and paying taxes. " Almost thirty years have passed, and their production remains in New Zealand with the wood and sewing workshops in local heritage buildings they are in the process of restoring. Their daughter Solvej is also continuing the family legacy in the business.

Solvej Swings Materials and Sustainability

Solvej Swings choice of timber has to fulfil the criteria of being naturally weather durable to avoid chemical treatment, and it also has to come from a planted or sustainable sources. They use a non-toxic natural Tung oil on the wood. The choice of fabric is also important, and after much consideration they decided to use a 100% acrylic canvas (with a 10-year manufacturers warrantee from fading) because it is rot-proof and easy to care for; plus suitable for outdoor and indoor usage. The rope they use on the Solvej Swings is a NZ-made soft, high performance polyester yachting braid that is not only strong but also UV and rot resistant.