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Solvej Swings

Solvej Swings are quality child and baby swings made in New Zealand from high-quality materials. Versatile too with swinging having many benefits from relaxing, creating fun and excitement and helping to develop their balance, co-ordination and spatial skills.

Stylish Baby, Toddler, Child Canvas Swings

Providing great fun for the home as well as skillfully crafted with top quality materials and ethically and sustainably made too. The timeless and natural design makes this swing blend nicely into any environment - indoors or outdoors, and any home decor whether you have a modern or classic home.




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Solvej Baby And Toddler Swing Slate Grey
Solvej Baby and Toddler Swing Smoke Grey
Solvej Baby And Toddler Swing Coral Black
Solvej Baby and Toddler Swing Merino White
Solvej Baby And Toddler Swing Kowhai Yellow
Solvej Swings Child Swing Classic Taupe
Solvej Swings Child Swing Soft Linen
Solvej Swings Child Swing Green
Solvej Swings Child Swing Red