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About Us

A little while ago my eldest daughter and I read the Little People, Big Dreams book about Amelia Earhart, and it really stirred something in her.  She talks about the book, the Atlantic Ocean, about Amelia all the time.  I think for her, even though she can’t articulate it, it has really captured the endless possibilities that life holds.   When I first became a parent, all I wished for was for her to be healthy, happy and to live the best possible life – whatever that may mean for her. I wanted to be able to help her develop her confidence to dream and try; the imagination to see beyond the humdrum of everyday; and the strength to start or stop any endeavour or adventure.   (And to keep her room clean.)

I believe that small things can have great impact and can still be achievable for parents, like me, who can’t travel or go on adventures every day; who have real jobs and ordinary bills to pay! 

As well as adventures and holidays we take them on, kids can be inspired every day with things we bring into our homes like books, puzzles, stationery and toys to help them express themselves creatively through writing, art and craft; toys that help them create imaginary worlds and situations as well as a friend to take on an adventure. Creating a playful bedroom for a child means they have their own place to play and create as well as a place of sanctuary when they are overwhelmed or tired; where they can recharge their mind and body.

And so aside from some very practical, beautifully made essentials that you need for your kids, I love bringing things in to the store that your beautiful, little wild spirits will love to play, create, imagine and grow with.  You will enjoy creating a playful space for them as much as they will love to be in it.


About The Little Kidz Closet
For gifts or every day needs to creating the dream room for your little one, we are always on the hunt for something new and fresh – from the latest designer décor to creative play collections. At The Little Kidz Closet you will find baby bedding, kids bedding, kids furniture, kids decor, toys, children’s jewellery, and baby clothing. Our products are chosen for their style, quality and desirability. 

Enjoy your shopping!  And get in touch if you need a hand.

The Little Kidz Closet is located in Brisbane, with fulfilment centres for certain products in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand. 

Owner of The Little Kidz Closet