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Pretend Play

Pretend Play is incredibly important for a child’s social and cognitive development, imagination, and problem-solving. It is vital for self-confidence and expression.

Kids Dress Ups and Pretend Play Accessories

We have curated a selection of pretend play and dress-up products that will keep your kids busy and having fun. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy watching your child's inspiration grow as they learn and play with our fun range of play sets - role play with our quality wooden doctors sets, shop sets, kitchen sets, solve problems, learn to play with siblings and friends developing precious life and social skills. The imaginative play options are just endless.



Make Me Iconic  Wooden Baby Doll Accessories Set
Make Me Iconic Wooden Toy Tea Set
Make Me Iconic  Iconic Australian Wooden Toy Car Set
Miniland Doll  Caucasian Baby Girl 38 cm
Numero 74 Luna Star Wand Dusty Pink
Numero 74 Soft Toy Camera
Save 22%
Miniland Doll  Asian Baby Girl 38 cm
Numero 74 Luna Crown Silver Grey
Hape Toys  Little Chopper
Save 28%
Save 35%
Kiko+ Kuruma Wooden Car Natural
Kiko+ Kuruma Wooden Car Orange
Save 27%
Save 27%
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