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Hand selected creative toys and stationery for kids that will keep them busy and having fun – as well as aiding social and cognitive development, imagination and problem solving.  Creative play is also vital for self-confidence and expression.

Keepsake toys

and the little dog laughed

Hand Picked

baby essentials

A curated selection of baby essentials and baby room decor items that are high quality, useful and stylish.

Feed their

curious minds

Challenge their developing little minds with toys that aid cognitive development, imagination and problem-solving.

Stories that


Stories can inspire people big and small. They capture kids imaginations and improve their knowledge.

More than just

dolls and soft toys

Dolls and toys can become partners in crime, companions, and a shoulder to cry on. Perfect for open-ended play, pretend play, and early childhood development.

Find Kids Room Décor, Kids Stationery, Amazing Kids Books, Nursery Essentials and Creative Toys for 0-8 Year Olds at The Little Kidz Closet.


Browse our wide range of wonderful children’s products including cool kids’ stationery, creative toys, baby essentials, nursery decor, nursery printsandkids room décor. We love finding products that make your kids happy. Shop your favourite brands like Olli Ella, Make Me Iconic, Snuggle Hunny Kids, We Are Squared, Numero 74, Mustard Made Lockers and many more.


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Ultimate Gift Guide 2022 - 5 Best Gifts For A Newborn

Ultimate Gift Guide 2022 - 5 Best Gifts For A Newborn

New parents get inundated with lots of pressies for their newborn - the usual being swaddles, baby clothes, soft toys.  These are all great, but for the new parent who already has it all, here are some things that will be used for years, are practical and that look amazing in the home! Here are 5 of our favourites.
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5 Great Ways To Use A Mustard Made Locker In A Girls Bedroom

5 Great Ways To Use A Mustard Made Locker In A Girls Bedroom

As your little lady gets older, more stuff in the form to bits and bobs starts accumulating.  That's on top of some of those soft toys that she could NEVER part with; plus the clothes, the books, photos of friends.... Check out our 5 great ways to use Mustard Made lockers in a girls room.
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The Best Present To Buy New Parents

The Best Present To Buy New Parents

Yes, the best. I know that's a big call but I can tell you why.  There is something that I wrap all the time for new parents, and every time we use this at home (for my 5 year old) I think about what great value for money, cuteness and practicality this product is. Check it out.

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