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Solvej Swings

Light up their


Hand selected creative toys and stationery for kids that will keep them busy and having fun – as well as aiding social and cognitive development, imagination and problem solving.  Creative play is also vital for self-confidence and expression.

Feed their

curious minds

Challenge their developing little minds with toys that aid cognitive development, imagination and problem-solving.

Stories that


Stories can inspire people big and small. They capture kids imaginations and improve their knowledge.

More than just

dolls and soft toys

Dolls and toys can become partners in crime, companions, and a shoulder to cry on. Perfect for open-ended play, pretend play, and early childhood development.

Find Kids Stationery, Kids Gifts, Kids Room Décor, Amazing Kids Books, Girls Jewellery and Creative Toys for 0-10 Year Olds at The Little Kidz Closet.


Browse our wide range of wonderful children’s products including cool kids’ stationery, creative toys, baby essentials, nursery decor, nursery prints and kids room décor. We love finding products that make your kids happy. Shop your favourite brands like Olli Ella, Make Me Iconic, Snuggle Hunny Kids, We Are Squared, Numero 74, Mustard Made Lockers and many more.


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Setting up a simple mud kitchen for the kids

Setting up a simple mud kitchen for the kids

Mud kitchens are a great way to engage children in imaginative and sensory play while also providing them with opportunities to learn and explore the natural world. With a little creativity and some basic materials, a mud kitchen can be easily and inexpensively created in any backyard or outdoor play area.  
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9 Ways To Foster Curiosity in Kids

9 Ways To Foster Curiosity in Kids

Curiosity is the bedrock of learning and discovery.  And raising curious kids can lead to a lifelong love of learning and discovery. 9 simple ways that we can foster and nurture our kids curiosity (and learning).
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2022 Best Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

2022 Best Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

The Little Kidz Closet Annual Christmas Gift Guide is packed full of ideas for kids 0-8years. Browse by age or by interest.  There are lots of gorgeous gifts for your little ones!
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