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Ooly Kids Stationery Beary Sweet Mini Scented Highlighters

$7.99 $9.99

The cuteness reading is off the scales!!  These neon, fruity-scented markers or highlighters are off-the-charts adorable.  Your kids will love this set of 6 mini bears neon highlighters that are fun for school and art!

The Beary Sweet Mini Scented Highlighters are a pocket-sized set of 6 and perfect for your “little cub”. Each highlighter features a charming bear face, ensuring your child has a delightful companion during study or art time.

Tiny hands love the tiny neon highlighters, and they’re great for travel because they fit nicely in any compartment or pocket. The 6 sweet bear faces come in fruity scents making homework happy time!

This set of six mini bear-faced highlighters is not only adorable but also incredibly practical for school, art projects, and travel.

  • Beary-themed neon highlighters
  • Small bear-shaped cap on markers
  • Neon colors
  • Fruity scents
  • Set of 6
  • Size 2.75 inches
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

    Creative Kids Stationery - Perfect for little hands and creative minds.