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Markers & Highlighters

Our colorful world of markers and highlighters will ignite creativity and brighten up any young artist's toolbox. Our carefully curated collection offers a wide range of options, designed to inspire and enhance every coloring and highlighting adventure.

Discover an array of hues and shades, from bold and vivid to soft and pastel, from glittery to smelly to chalky! Whether your child loves to create eye-catching artwork or needs to highlight important notes, our markers, and highlighters are the perfect companions for their artistic and study endeavors.

From classic markers to innovative double sided stamp options we offer a variety of styles to suit every preference and age. Our collection includes washable markers for worry-free creativity, scented markers for sensory delight, and dual-ended markers for versatile creative pursuits. Let your child's imagination soar!

Markers and highlighters are more than just writing and coloring tools, they encourage fine motor skills, foster self-expression, and enhance learning experiences. Whether your child is engaged in art projects at home or for school, our markers and highlighters are designed to make their journey both educational and enjoyable. We strive to make creativity and learning accessible to all, nurturing a generation of young minds who embrace the joy of self-expression.




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Ooly Kids Stationery - Magic Puffy Pens 6 Pack
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Ooly Kids Stationery - Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers
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Djeco Kids Stationery - 4 Tinou Glitter Markers
Ooly Kids Stationery - Stampables Scented Markers Set
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Ooly Kids Stationery - Double Ended Markers Confetti Stamp
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Life of Colour Liquid Chalk Markers 6mm Tip - Set of 12
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Rex London Felt Tip Stamp Pens – Fairies in the Garden
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Rex London Felt Tip Stamp Pens – Colourful Creatures
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Ooly Kids Stationery Beary Sweet Mini Scented Highlighters
Save 20%
Ooly Kids Stationery - Switcheroo Markers
Save 5%
Ooly Kids Stationery - Yummy Yummy Fruit Scented Markers
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Ooly Kids Stationery - Set of 18 Colour Together Markers
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Ooly Markers – Pastels Dual Tip Markers
Save 14%