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Warranty Replacement Request

Warranty replacements are the responsibility of the supplier (brand). The Little Kidz Closet will act as a facilitator in the correspondence and process to rectify .

Warranty replacement rules vary by supplier, but as with most consumer items, the general rules are:

  • to qualify for replacement the item must be reported as damaged within 7 days of purchase
  • to qualify it must be a manufacturing fault not due to breakage after opening or incorrect use
  • suppliers will request the broken item to be sent back in its original packaging, details will be provided.  If you discard any or all part of the purchased item warranty is automatically cancelled
  • warranty periods on products are set by the supplier and will vary by supplier
  • an image of the damaged item must be supplied to begin the process, please email to info@thelittlekidzcloset.com.au and we will send you a warranty form.

Any requests that fall outside of the above are at the discretion of the supplier to accept or reject.  As a reseller, The Little Kidz Closet bears no responsibility or liability for manufacturing faults or defects.

PLEASE EMAIL info@thelittlekidzcloset.com.au TO SUBMIT A WARRANTY REQUEST.