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Why are Mustard Made Lockers So Good?

Why are Mustard Made Lockers So Good?

We have been lucky enough to work with Mustard Made in Australia since their launch. I love the look of the lockers and the colours. The colours are amazing!  And as the range has grown, the Mustard Made lockers have become a staple for the organised family home. Most people who order one, come back for more, and more, and more. 

Let's get functional

Some things you need to know –

  • they are super easy to put together
  • very practical sizes for any need
  • they are 100% magnetic - use magnets to stick postcards, photos and to-do lists on the locker!
  • they have hooks  
  • the lockers have adjustable or removable shelves
  • the Twinny and Skinny even have removable rails

If only everything in life could be so convenient and good looking!

The Lockers are a blend of old charm with new and improved design, so the lockers fit into older or modern homes, adding plenty of character wherever they go.

The lockers are perfect for cool kid’s bedrooms, work spaces and most corners of the home that require storage with a bit of zhuzh.  Style and personality is in abundance with the Mustard Made Lockers. They are perfect for adding a pop of colour into your home. The colours are so varied and beautiful that there would be one (or more) to match your home. The other great thing about the lockers is that the colours can be mixed, so they look great standing alone, or side by side. They are so impactful side by side in different colours!

The space you create when you add a Mustard Made locker to your room is great.  I can even keep my kids organised for longer than 3 days now that we have these! These cleverly designed lockers are a game changer.

See the full Mustard Made collection here.

Clever Uses To Get Tough Spots Organised

I'm sure you've seen the Mustard Lockers used as bedside tables, or for clothes storage but here are some other ways to use them in any corner of the house.

The Mustard Made Lowdown

The Lowdown locker is one of the most popular lockers because it has so many different uses! It's lower profile is great for kids storage, as well as under a TV. Loads of easy to access space! Use the Mustard Made Lowdown locker for:

  • Gaming area
  • Toy storage
  • Leggo area
  • Record cabinet
Mustard Made Australia Lowdown

The Mustard Made Midi

So much fits into this mid sized cabinet. Kids can access their stuff easily, but its high enough to pack a lot in! This super organiser will have the toy cupboard organised in a jiffy! Use the Mustard Made Midi locker for:

  • Craft area
  • Bookcase
  • Toy storage
  • Leggo area
  • Hall drop zone

mustard made australia midi locker mustard

The Mustard Made Skinny

The Skinny Locker  is beautiful on the outside but it's what's on the inside that matters! You will be amazed at how much you can fit inside this tall and compact locker.  The Mustard Made Skinny Locker screams practicality and will keep your home tidy and organised.  It is great in tight spaces in its own, but so impactful when lined up.  Use the Mustard Made Skinny locker for:

  • Hall closet / drop zone

mustard made australia skinny locker mustard

The Mustard Made Twinny

The Mustard Made Twinny Locker is all your storage dreams in one big and beautiful locker! So great for wardrobe space but also for any large storage needs. It is all about versatility. Use the Mustard Made Twinny locker for:

  • Laundry Linen Cupboard
  • Hall closet / drop zone

mustard made australia twinny locker sage

The Mustard Made Shorty

This cleverly designed little powerhouse - the Mustard Made Shorty Locker - will make a big impact on your house. This sweet little dynamo will make organising in a small space a breeze. Tuck her under the kids desk, pop her next to their bed! Don't be fooled by her size, she is hugely versatile and useful! Use the Mustard Made Shorty locker for:

  • Feeding area side table in nursery
  • Side table
mustard made australia shorty locker white

    image courtesy of Jo Kim photography


    The Little Kidz Closet is an official stockist of Mustard Made Australia. See the full collection here.