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The Best Present To Buy New Parents

The Best Present To Buy New Parents

Yes, the best. I know that's a big call but I can tell you why.  Everyone gets the growsuit, chew toys, rattle, soft toys - you know the usual stuff.  Nothing wrong with those things, but everyone gets it and parents end up with lots of the same stuff. And you end up spending about $50-$100 on a gift for a newborn. 

Well, there is something that I wrap all the time for new parents, and every time we use this at home (for my 5 year old) I think about what great value for money, cuteness and practicality this product is.

It can be used from birth and will be loved and used for years.  It's the Zazu Comforter and Toy. 

Its a toy with a shusher and music player inside.  The little unit can be taken out - so you can change the setting, wash the animal, or as the kids get older they can play the little music for themselves.


The Zazu comforter will help babies with their sleeping and just in general to calm them when they are having a rough day!

I bought the doggy – Dex – for my little one when we were going through a very unsettled period.  My favourite part is that it switches on by itself when she starts to cry. I have loved this. I have other ‘shushers’ and this one was definitely my favourite.  I also liked that I could choose how loud it is.  When she is away from home, rather than taking the whole animal, I just take out the sound module/machine and just have that with us. It's really convenient. 

the best present to buy new parents

The details –

  • Zazu is a range of three animal soothers that calm babies with a range of sounds and melodies. Super soft to touch, very cuddly.
  • Shake or Voice-activated– perfect for soothing and settling little ones whilst they sleep. If your baby cries, the animal comforter toy from Zazu will switch on and play your chosen sound. Great when your baby wakes up in the night.
  • Six different, soothing sounds to choose from including heartbeat, waterfall and four gentle melodies.
  • Timer with auto shut-off. After 10 minutes the sound will automatically fade and switch off.
  • Fully washable! Simply remove the sound module inside the toy and your Zazu heartbeat toy can easily be washed.

 And they are $54 - really great value for money. 


the best present to buy new parents

the best present to buy new parents