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5 Great Ways To Use A Mustard Made Locker In A Girls Bedroom

5 Great Ways To Use A Mustard Made Locker In A Girls Bedroom

As your little lady gets older, more stuff in the form to bits and bobs starts accumulating.  That's on top of some of those soft toys that she could NEVER part with; plus the clothes, the books, photos of friends.... Staying on top of things, plus also creating a fun and cool space for her is important.  The great thing about organising with Mustard Made lockers is that you can combine lockers and colours that really suit your child's personality and needs. Here are 5 great ways to use Mustard Made lockers in a girls room.


1.Mustard Made Skinny - General storage and drop zone

The Skinny Locker is beautiful. I especially love it when more than one is lined up - the impact is immense! You will be amazed at how much you can fit inside.

Hang a mirror, a photo frame, necklaces, headphones; use the clothes rail to hang up jackets instead of leaving them on the floor; and throw in the school bag and gym bag while you're at it!  The baskets are great to throw in smaller items, and keepsakes.   

The Mustard Made Skinny  a tall and slender locker with a removable hanging rail, four adjustable shelves, two handy hooks, cable hole, safety wall screw holes, lock, custom keyring, and the all important air vents!

 mustard made skinny-locker-for-girls-room


2.Mustard Made Midi- Craft area and books

The Midi is a powerhouse!  Such a great size.  Great for storing books, papers, all the craft boxes.  The Midi will surprise you with how much can be hidden inside! 

The Mustard Made Midi locker is not too big, not too small, she's just perfectly in the middle!  There are 2 adjustable shelves, two handy hooks, cable hole, safety wall screw holes, plus the lock and custom keyring and air vents.

 mustard made midi locker for girls room

3.Mustard Made Shorty - Study area

The Shorty is a little cutey  - but don't let her size fool you - she fits in A LOT!  Judging by my daughters shorty, you may need a truck to empty her out.  We all know that Shorty makes a great bedside table, but Shorty is also perfect for under or next to the desk in the study area. The Shorty locker is great to keep books, stationery and papers tucked away.

The Shorty comes in right and left opening options, perfect whichever side of the desk you need it on.  The Shorty has two adjustable shelves, one handy hook, cable hole + safely wall screw holes, plus the lock and custom keyring and air vents.

mustard made locker for girls room

4.Mustard Made Twinny - Wardrobe 

Twinny is all your storage dreams in one big and beautiful locker!  The two rails mean little people can reach their favourite outfits or school uniforms in the morning! This is such a customisable locker.  You can load her up with just about anything! Use the baskets to help keep things contained. 

Inside there are two adjustable rails and four adjustable shelves, allowing you to create your own unique wardrobe configuration. Plus there are four handy hooks, two cable holes, safety wall screw holes, lock, custom keyring, and air vents.

mustard made twinny locker for girls room 

5.Mustard Made Lowdown – Lego area

My girls are obsessed with Lego. They are constantly creating. The Lowdown is a great storage area for Lego pieces and creations. Store them, display them; put other toys in there as well.  Use clear plastic tubs to keep the Lego pieces contained and easily visible. Accessibility for kids is perfect as the unit is - wait for it - low down!

This colourful locker can fit in any room of the house and keep any area clean!  The Mustard Made Lowdown Metal Locker is the same height as The Shorty Locker, but she's wider and a little less deep.  Inside there is one adjustable shelf, in two parts, two handy hooks, cable hole, safety wall screw holes, lock, custom keyring and air vents.

mustard made lowdown locker for girls room


Don't forget:

  • Mustard Made lockers are magnetic, so your little one can hang up photos, artwork and notes directly on her locker with a small magnet
  • Mustard lockers have hooks inside, so some things can be hung and untangled
  • These metal lockers are not just for kids, once the need for them passes in one room, they can be repurposed in a different part of the house
  • Mix and match the colours - you don't have to choose only one colour. 





     All images courtesy of Mustard Made Lockers Australia.