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mustard made locker australia

Need more storage?  Sorted.  We have a Mustard Made Locker for every storage need!

There is no doubt that the Mustard Made lockers are brilliant.  But there is one problem with them that no one is talking about – they are addictive. They need to come with a warning label – "will fall in love with and require more and more and more." I’ve had customers come back for 4 or 5 lockers.  I had to stage an intervention for one mum, who has managed to get her kids too organised! You know who you are. Her kids now put their own stuff away in their Mustard Made Skinny and keep their own lockers clean. Even the littlest in the family asked for one because the all the other kids had one.

And let me tell you these Mustard Made lockers are not just for kids, adults love them too. They are great for every room in the house and are perfect for adding a pop of colour and personality into a room!

Some things to know about a Mustard Made locker

  1. they are super easy to put together
  2. very practical
  3. they are magnetic
  4. they have hooks
  5. the Twinny and Skinny even have a removable rail
  6. the shelves are adjustable  

If only everything in life could be so convenient and good looking.

These lockers look great on their own but boy do they make a splash when they are lined up with a buddy! 


Bedroom Storage

This is where these babies shine!  The Mustard Made Shorty makes a fantastic kids bedside table.

And the Mustard Made Twinny is the wardrobe you need to, not only get your clothes sorted, but to make your bedroom looking amazing in the process.

mustard made locker shorty

mustard made locker twinny

Kitchen Storage

Yes, I went there. The kitchen pantry never looked so good. Need some extra space, grab a Mustard Made Midi.

Perfect for tall and small boxes and jars, because the shelves are adjustable. Or use it to house all the appliances.  We all have them –  I think they exist to exercise my arms - moving them backwards and forwards to get to things I actually need. 

mustard made locker midi

Laundry Storage

Grab a Skinny locker, find a corner and you have yourself very convenient laundry storage. 

mustard made locker skinny

Hall Storage

This is another area where the Mustard Made locker range shines.  Depending on the size of your hallway, from small to large, there is a locker that will help you organise. I think the Mustard Midi is the most convenient as a basic catch-all for the hallway. Its a very convenient size. The Lowdown is great for shoes, as well as a catch-all. But the Skinny and Twinny are next level – they have have the rails, as well as the hooks and you can hang coats, store bags.  It's basically a mudroom in a locker!  

mustard made locker skinny

Living Room Storage

The Mustard Made Lowdown and Midi shine in the living room.  Use them to house the kids toys, or as a gaming or Lego area. For the adults, the Midi makes a great drinks cabinet (although she’s probably not as good as you at making cocktails)! There's a lock so the kids won't be able to get in there! Either of them can work as a bookcase.  The Lowdown is popular as a TV stand and makes a very cool record cabinet.

 mustard made locker lowdown

Office Storage

Whatever your needs, there is a Mustard Made Locker to fit your home office or kids study space.  The main muscle is the Mustard Made Shorty as she’s better known. The Shorty is deep on many levels and is so good next to or under a desk.  The Skinny is tall and fits a tonne and takes up very little space; fits great in a corner.

If you need somethings against a long wall or under the desk with lots of space, then you cannot go past the lowdown.  But if she's too wide, and you can go for something taller, then the Mustard Made Midi is perfect!

mustard made locker shorty

Sunroom Storage

Use the Mustard Made Lowdown for larger requirements; or a Shorty if you don't have lots of space and need a side table; a Skinny if you need more storage capacity in a tight space. You can use your Mustard Made locker for plants, blankets, as a side table, small gardening tools, outdoor tableware, drinks and all the bits that somehow end of up there.

mustard made locker shorty