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olli ella cozy dinkum

New Cozy Dinkums Are Here. So What Makes Them So Special?

The Cozy Dinkums have just launched and if ever there was a forever buddy for your little one, I think this is it.  Not only are they the snuggliest, they are most certainly the cutest ever!! 

With each new Olli Ella collection, I think this is the best one, they won't be able to beat this one!  And then they do!  How can they keep creating these magical things for big and small kids alike???  But here we are again! 

These little Cozy Dinkums will be an amazing companion - soft to touch, great for the tactile needs of even our littlest ones;  sweet and serene little faces to calm them, even on the hardest of days;  and small enough to be able to tuck away with them in bed, or to a bag to take whenever you are on the go.  

There are 4 characters - Bunny Moppet, Mousy Pickle, Teddy Mini, Lamby Pip and they are as individual as each of our kids! Their little faces have embroidered eyes and mouth with an oval shape nose.

Each Cozy Dinkum comes dressed in the plushiest, non-removable outer you have every touched, complete with two soft furry ears.  There is a rainbow over their heart which in itself is a beautiful tactile feature.  And they are also posable, which make playtime and tea time all the more fun. 

The last great feature of the Cozy Dinkums is their bodies - each on is made from cotton and poly and are gently weighted for added calm.

These beautiful dolls make a great gift for a newborn, toddler or even a "big" school kid.