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Ultimate Gift Guide 2022 - 5 Best Gifts For A 1 Year Old

Ultimate Gift Guide 2022 - 5 Best Gifts For A 1 Year Old

Oh! Such a great age.  At 1, your little one is starting to walk and then running in the blink of an eye. They are so responsive, and understanding but they are doing their own thing!  So cute!! The giggles are the best.  The toothy grins, and squeals of joy!  And they are so squishy - and so, so kissable. 

They will love more physical activities at this stage.  Getting into the sand pit, playing with blocks, tactile books that they can get into on their own.  Finding more interactive play opportunities and getting outside with them will satisfy their never-ending thirst for exploration.

So here are some of our favourite things for your little big person!

Our top 5 gifts for 1 Year Olds!

Ever Earth Wooden Discovery Blocks

Your little one will love exploring shapes, sounds and colours with this Wooden Discovery Block Set from Every Earth.  Loads of fun - 7 blocks with motifs, 3 blocks with balls or bells, 1 block with mirror, 1 block with colourful acrylic stone.  Lots to hear, see and explore. Great for sensory development, and hand-eye coordination.

best gift for 1 year old

Bloomingville Mini - Wood Stack and Pull Along Toy

So much fun for the little ones. This is a really popular choice. This pull along toy with little animal characters also comes apart.  Bear, Bunny and Mouse are made of pieces that can be taken apart and then re-stacked. So your little one can practice putting it back together and then take it for a walk.  

Great for motor skill development, problem solving as well as memory and concentration.  (You might be tempted to practise with it for memory and concentration!)

best gift for a 1 year old 

Ever Earth Stacking Light House

Beautiful stacking toy from Ever Earth.  Children learn to recognize colours and shapes and develop basic problem-solving abilities with this stacking puzzle. 

It is ergonomically designed for little hands to hold and has no sharp edges or delicate parts.

best gift for a 1 year old

Sassi Eco Blocks - Play and Learn

This is a gorgeous set. My girls loved their block set. Play with ten sturdy ecological blocks to learn all the secrets of the numbers! Stack the blocks to build a fantastic tower nearly a metre tall that teaches you all the numbers in the right order, with the help of a group of friendly animals and fun objects. And then knock it down!!!  (Best bit) Play and learn, count and have fun!

best gift for a 1 year old

Solvej Baby And Toddler Swing

You know I love Solvej Swings. We have one for our girls at home. The baby and toddler Solvej Swing is one of our most sold products. And it's easy to see why - a classic, canvas baby swing for the home environment, skilfully crafted with top quality materials that easily converts from baby swing when your toddler is around 2 1/2 years old into a toddler swing. And they can use it (best part) from 6-months to 6 years (40kg). It's real value for money.

The timeless and natural design, and choice of colours, makes this swing blend nicely into any environment, modern - old, indoors - outdoors. This swing is made from weatherproof materials, natural durable timber, rot proof canvas and stainless steel fittings so you can use it outdoors.

Kids love to swing, it is not only fun but also soothing for them.

best gift for a 1 year old


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