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Best Nostalgic Gifts For Kids

Best Nostalgic Gifts For Kids

Some of my favourite memories from childhood evoke such strong feelings of joy - going on a carousel (which i still love); my very first music box, my soft toy gifted by my grandparents (which i still have); my very first large set of pencils which were also gifted to me by my grandparents (and yes, I do actually still have some of them left). There are so many more, but some memories are so vivid, and they bought me so much joy that even to this day I remember the first time I saw them. Some of these things do get lost with time, but remain a beautiful memory, and some get saved and treasured.  I wanted to go down memory lane, and share with you some keepsake gift ideas.  Some are nostalgic in their very nature - their designs have been in existence for many, many years and reimagined by some wonderful companies.  And I hope that they will bring your kids joy when they think of them in years to come and remind them of their happy childhood. Here are some of our favourite nostalgic or keepsake gift ideas for kids.


1. Lauren Hinkley Kids Jewellery - Unicorn Carousel Charm Bracelet

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Sweet pink, white, and purple girl's charm bracelet will make a beautiful gift. The unicorn carousel charm bracelet features a hot air balloon, unicorn, butterflies, flower, and more and is made from high-quality silver plated chain, glass, enamel, and metal charms. This will be treasured by your little one for years.  You can add letter and number charms to the charm bracelet to personalise this gift.

2. Olli Ella Strolley

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Like Nana Huchy and Make Me Iconic, Olli Ella is the quintessential nostalgia brand.  There is little in the catalogue that doesn't evoke beautiful memories of days gone by.  But I think, aside from the Dinkum Dolls, my favourite has to be the Strolley. And judging by the amount we sell, I am not the only one! The Strolley come in natural, rose and chalk. It transforms from a doll pram to trolley or buggy with a flip of a lid. It's the only one you need in your playroom! It's a revolutionary design for imaginative play, and it also keeps the playroom tidy. This hand-woven natural rattan basket on wheels switches from a pram to a shopping trolley, by just lowering the hood of the pram. Perfect for dolls, pretend play, fruits and veggies, or for your little one to push around their favourite toys. My girls LOVE their strolley.

3. Nana Huchy Dolls - Miss Jasmine Rag Doll

Nana dolls and soft toys are unique, whimsical keepsake toys that are as fun to play with as they are beautiful to display. Every Nana doll is meticulously crafted and will be loved for years to come.  Jasmine is one of  the most popular.  "Jasmine is passionate about bringing joy and inspiration to anyone feeling sad. Look out for her in parks and gardens toward the end of winter; she’ll be tending to her vines and enjoying that first warm breeze."

4. Djeco Musical Jewellery Box

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We have great collection of Music Boxes, with more coming soon. One of the most popular, and great for a smaller girl is the Djeco Ballerina Musical Jewellery Box. Perfect for storing all of the Lauren Hinkley charm bracelets and necklaces. Now your little one will have the perfect place to put all of the jewellery and treasures she has been collecting. The Djeco Ballerina Musical Jewellery Box is beautifully illustrated, featuring an interior lined with soft velvet and a melody that lasts approximately 2.5 minutes. Turn the crank, open the box, and listen to Carl Maria von Weber's "Invitation to the Dance".

5. Solvej Swings Wooden Board Swing

There are swing options for every age, but if you have an older child this swing is perfect. This is an attractive traditional wooden board swing skillfully crafted with profiled edges. This swing is made from sustainably milled naturally durable timber. It is a swing for the nostalgic. Indoor or outdoor, these are beautiful! Suitable for children from approximately four years old.  They also have canvas swings.

6. Make Me Iconic Wooden Tea Set

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Pop the kettle on love.  Tea anyone? This is another very popular choice, year after year!  It's just a great toy for kids that they will love and use for years.  This tea set  is designed to sit loud and proud on your coffee table next to your designer coffee table books. 

7. Djeco Kids Stationery Box Set - Charlotte

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This gorgeous Djeco Charlotte stationery box set is going to make a little girl very happy! It is filled with an amazing range of stationery items children will love having packed nicely on their desks. Add the Ooly Kids Stationery 12 Double Ended Colour Pencils to make it a perfect set!

Check out all of our amazing kids stationery.

8. Mustard Made Skinny Metal Locker

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I think our love of metal lockers starts at school. Nostalgia, maybe? But the amazing Mustard Made Metal Lockers take our nostalgia and raise it by 100! This range of powder-coated metal lockers from Mustard Made takes it to another level. The lockers come in various beautiful colours that even rainbows envy, and sizes to suit your storage needs in the kid's rooms and beyond.  Use these great Mustard Made Metal Lockers as toy storage, near a desk, bedroom cabinet, wardrobe and more.  A Mustard Locker is going to be much loved and used for many, many years.  The Skinny, for me, is the most iconic of all in the range. And so versitile.

9. and the little dog laughed - Bernard Koala

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and the little dog laughed was launched in 2008 by Australian designer, Kylie Platt. Each piece is designed to not only evoke a sense of nostalgia but is designed to be loved and cherished through to the next generation.

 "I love to stay up very late watching out for falling stars, cooking marshmallows on a campfire, and falling asleep in the car. I don't like winding roads."

Bernard wears cream-knitted pants made from Australian merino wool.

10. Nana Huchy Freddy The Teddy

We all have at least one favourite teddy in our memory!  Freddy might just be that bear for your little one. Your little one will be giving lots of hugs to this super soft and sweet teddy for many years to come! A wonderful story teller, Freddy loves to share tales of his past in the North Pole.  

11. Ocamora Wooden Blocks

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Ocamora have created wooden toy sets, including wooden rainbow blocks, construction sets, and games. They made these fantastic toys for kids that allow kids the freedom to create and play in an unstructured way. Also known as open-ended play. 

12. Bloomingville Mini Doll Moses Basket

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I used to love carting my dolls around in prams and moses baskets.  I love this one from Bloomingville because of its size - thye can fit a few dolls in it - and that is has a flat bottom. It also looks gorgeous!  Woven from grass, with iron rods at the bottom so it doesn't lose its shape.  Each basket is beautifully woven and individual.Your little mama will love this moses basket for her little baby.  Woven with handles and perfect for carrying your favourite doll.

13. Bloomingville Mini Wooden Tool Kit

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Your little Block renovator will love this set of tools.  Hopefully there is more putting together than taking apart (wink, wink)...

14. Kikadu Organic Baby Musical Rabbit 

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This sweet and soft rabbit musical toy will be a much-loved addition to your nursery. Brahms lullaby will gently lull your baby to sleep. The cuddly rabbit made of organic cotton is easy to fall in love with. Thanks to the hanger, the music box can be easily attached anywhere.

15. bla bla Rainbow Cushion

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The blabla's were first created in 2001. They are made from a high quality handpicked cotton which makes them incredibly soft and huggable. And they are knitted patiently by very skilled artisans in Peru, one stitch at a time, one day at a time, each one is unique. Soft pastel rainbow pink and orange colors, inviting textures, a fun, hugganle addition to any kid's room. 

16. Ocean Bingo

How much fun to play bingo with Whales, Sharks, and Urchins! You will love this game featuring Ocean creatures. Easy to play this game will delight your kids.   Perfect gift for animals loving kids and families!!

17. Battat Take Apart Toy Airplane

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This 'ol plane still has a lot of fun in her!! This toy set includes the plane plus a battery operated drill that kids can use to take apart and put back together.  The drill has chunky drill bits which are great for little hands.  My girls went nits for this. Colourful, great for dexterity, problem solving and playing with!! 

Numero 74 Canopy

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Romantic and nostalgic, a bed canopy is the ultimate in classic chic!  Handmade with love, this Numero 74 canopy is sure to send your child into a dreaming sleep. The ethereal piece can be attached above a bed or inside a cosy nook to create a dreamlike atmosphere and add drama to every space. At the heart of every Numero 74 product is the desire to keep childhood dreams alive with a little bit of poetry, beauty, and charm, and to let our kids’ imagination run wild and free.  


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