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Ultimate Gift Guide 2022 - Best Gifts For A 2 Year Old

Ultimate Gift Guide 2022 - Best Gifts For A 2 Year Old

So much going on for bubs at the age of 2.  This is when they really start to make their opinions heard.  It can be a tricky time, but remember that their frustration is not that dissimilar to yours - I don't think that you like it much when people force you do things that you dont want to do. I am assuming you are better at regulating the response though!  (I am still learning, but getting better with age - baby steps...)

And consider also, that everything is so interesting. They are eager to learn and discover - and they are determined.  But honestly, that's what you want, right? Adventurous, clever, inquisitive, happy kids. So whilst it is our job to keep them safe and keep our households running,  it's important to balance that with keeping them adventurous, clever and inquisitive.  

Some other challenges may come from other things going on – potentially major changes in their routines, dreams and nightmares, moving out of cots and just general awareness of the world around them.  They are just trying to make sense of it and do their own thing.

At age 2, kids will love building, creating and drawing and pretend play starts at this age and grows in significance as they get older.  Dolls and special toys may start to have a really big significance for them as they provide a familiar and safe space for them.  Language Development, Sensory Exploration, Cognitive Awareness, Social & Emotional will all be vital at this age too.

Our top 5 gifts for 2 Year Olds!


I love the Duski Dream Lights. There are lots of different character designs to choose from so your little one is going to love going to bed with this night light as their bedtime companion. With all of the changes they experience at this age, having a night light will give your little one peace of mind, and some new little friends, offering a simple, comforting glow that can help lull them off to sleep. 

Each Duski Dream LED night light is held to the strictest Australian safety standard. The LED night lights do not get hot, ensuring they stay cool to the touch for delicate young hands.

This fantastic night light comes complete with its own remote, and is a plug-in only light that come with a USB cord to run all night. 



Encourage pretend play with this cheerful tea set from Bloomingville Mini. 
It is made for little hands.  It comes as a set of 8 pieces.  Bloomingville Mini products are well made, beautifully designed, and are inspired by the everyday needs of little humans, a desire to bring them joy! 


I don't like to play favourites,  but....  Bunny Moppet is pretty cute!  

Cozy Dinkums are gorgeous and snuggly and sweet!!! Perfect as a new little buddy, Cozy Bunny Moppet is not only good for cuddles and snuggles, it is posable, made from the plushest outer and features the sweetest embroidered face with a little tuft of hair. Each Cozy Dinkum wears a non-removable suit with two soft furry ears and a rainbow right over their heart.  There are other characters in the range.

olli ella cozy dinkums



All Happy Hand Happy Heart Playdoughs are created using a combination of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to create the gorgeous natural colours and scents.  Super safe even for the littlest of hands. And with the accessories, even you will want to have a go.  Inspire and encourage creativity with this brilliant Australian playdough and accessories range. And playdough is more than just a fun activity; it helps kids to develop necessary skills as part of their physical, intellectual, psychological and social development. And it’s relaxing, too.

happy hands happy heart playdough



Ooly Crayons are ergonomic for everyone! These easy-to-hold crayons make drawing works of art comfortable and fun. Great way to get your little ones holding onto writing instruments comfortably. Left Right Crayons are made with an eco-friendly polymer, are nontoxic and completely erasable. Set of 10 beautiful colours which are erasable.

 ooly ergonomic crayons for kids


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