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5 great ways to use a Mustard Made Locker in a boys bedroom

5 great ways to use a Mustard Made Locker in a boys bedroom

Growing kids need plenty of storage. But I'm told that boys get to an age where the ventilation in the storage unit becomes really important! Boys who are super active and have sports equipment, need a bit of extra help to keep their areas tidy. Super Mustard Made To The Rescue!

The Mustard Made Lockers are so versatile. The uses of them are so wide ranging. It' really about working out what space you have and your storage needs. They great thing about these lockers is that they are as cool for a 5 year old as they are for a 15 year old (or 25 year old for that matter)!

The Mustard Made Shorty - Bedside table 

The Mustard Made Shorty is the perfect bedside table. There are left and right options so it will fit any bed configuration. There is space for lego, cars, books, and anything else their little hearts desire!

The Shorty has two adjustable shelves, one handy hook, cable hole + safely wall screw holes, plus the lock and custom keyring and air vents.


mustard made shorty locker in navy


The Mustard Made Lowdown - School stuff and gaming

A Mustard Lowdown locker is great for storing school stuff we well as any gaming and electronic equipment your boys have accumulated over the years. 

The Mustard Made Lowdown Metal Locker is wide and low.  Inside there is one adjustable shelf, in two parts, two handy hooks, cable hole, safety wall screw holes, lock, custom keyring and air vents.

mustard made lowdown locker navy for boys

The Mustard Made Midi - Clothes Storage 

The Mustard Made Midi is great for clothes storage. So easy for kids to get into their tops, jumpers and pants.  Great instead of a traditional chest of drawers. 

The Mustard Made Midi locker has 2 adjustable shelves, two handy hooks, cable hole, safety wall screw holes, plus the lock and custom keyring and air vents.

 mustard made midi locker sage for boys


The Mustard Made Twinny - Wardrobe

The wardrobe juggernaut!  The Twinny locker is great for growing boys as the clothes rails will grow with them. It is customisable, so depending on what age your boy is, or which activities your little one does this will be a great catch all and wardrobe in one.

Inside there are two adjustable rails and four adjustable shelves, allowing you to create your own unique wardrobe configuration. Plus there are four handy hooks, two cable holes, safety wall screw holes, lock, custom keyring, and air vents.

mustard made twinny locker ocean for boys

Mustard Made Skinny - Sports equipment drop zone

The Mustard Made Skinny locker is perfect as a slim catch all for sports equipment. Chuck in bags, shoes, bats - whatever you need. 

The Mustard Made Skinny is a tall and slender locker with a removable hanging rail, four adjustable shelves, two handy hooks, cable hole, safety wall screw holes, lock, custom keyring, and the all important air vents!  

 mustard made skinny locker in white for boys

Don't forget:

  • Mustard Made lockers are magnetic, so your little one can hang up photos and reminders directly on his locker with a small magnet
  • Mustard lockers have hooks inside, so some things can be hung
  • These metal lockers are not just for kids, once the need for them passes in one room, they can be repurposed in a different part of the house
  • Mix and match the colours - you don't have to choose only one colour. 






     All images courtesy of Mustard Made Lockers Australia.