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The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Best Gifts for a 3 Year Old

The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Best Gifts for a 3 Year Old

At 3, our little babies are no more.  They are big now, and they will remind you when you forget. They become aware of their place in the family dynamic.

So much to be had at this stage, and of course the odd tantrum! Lots of changes at this age as they may start 3-yo-kinder programs. They are counting, singing their ABCs, learning so many new things.  They are better at communicating but still get frustrated when they are not listened to.  They are still very physically active and love the outside pursuits of climbing, running, swinging, sliding.  But they can now sit and play a game which involves a bit more of a storyline and build a story-based game with their older siblings or parents. Creating, drawing and pretend play all ramp up at this age.  Puzzles and games as well as the other creative pursuits are great. And they love books, especially reading along to their favourite bits. They are also ‘big’ now and can help especially with delicate things that can get broken easily. 

Key areas of development are: Social & Emotional, Creative & Imaginative Play, Cognitive

Play is a really important part of your child’s life and builds the foundation for not only their physical development but also emotional and social development.  Independent play time is really valuable and important to build into your child’s day.  And it's important for you too!  

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Bloomingville Mini - Kids Wooden Tool Set

Your little Block renovator will love this set of tools.  Hopefully there is more putting together than taking apart, if you know what i mean... Set of 9 tools.

Olli Ella Strolley Doll Pram - Natural

This hand-woven rattan basket on wheels switches from a pram to a shopping trolley, by just lowering the hood of the pram. Perfect for dolls, pretend play, fruits and veggies or for your little one to push around their favourite toys. 

Make Me Iconic - Wooden Baby Doll Accessories Set

This little set will have you playing with dolls again.  It's amazing. It has everything a (pretend) bub could need as your little one immerses them self in creative play. They can feed, entertain and soothe baby, brush their hair and get them ready for the adventures they’ve planned for the day. 11 Piece wooden accessories kit for imaginative play with your favourite dolls.

Wonder Wheels Take Apart Toy - Crane Truck 

This toy set includes the colourful crane truck plus a battery-operated drill that kids can use to take apart and put back together.  The drill has chunky drill bits which are great for little hands.   Colourful, great for dexterity, problem-solving and playing with!!  Includes 30 truck parts, 1 battery-powered drill, 3 drill bits.

Happy Hands Happy Heart natural scented playdough

Happy Hands Happy Heart natural scented playdough range and accessories has been created by Mumma Emma.  The range uses plant based dyes to mimic flavours around in nature and scents that encourage general well being and calm. 100% safe for curious little hands and mouths!  

Hape Toys Pretend Play Doctor Set

My kids love this set. We have had it for years and they still play with it.  Perfect for great hospital or vet pretend fun. Seven piece doctor’s kit packed and ready to make house calls. 


Quut Beach Toy Set

A bucket and beach set with a kick.  This is a great set for holidays, a day at the beach or playing around in the garden - even in the bath!!! The set Includes: 1 Ballo, 1 set of cuppi & 1 ball, 1 heart shaper

Miniland Dolls

This 38cm Miniland Dolls are anatomically correct and vanilla scented to smell like a newly born baby. The dolls have well-defined ethnic features to aid the identification of the most representative races and are an important educational resource which help small children comprehend the concepts of family, population groups, respect for racial and sexual diversity.

Bloomingville Mini - Moon Cushion

Soft and fluffy, grey moon cushion. Sweet closed eye detail.  This is a beautiful cushion for your little one to cuddle in to.  The texture of this cushion will delight.


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