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ocamora wooden toys

Kids Playroom Ideas - Ocamora Wooden Block Sets

I would like to introduce you properly to the magic that is Ocamora.  Ocamora make some of the most beautiful wooden sets that you will find.  Each set lovingly made by a family in Spain.  They are not mass produced which is why you will never find these beautiful products outside carefully selected boutiques.

Ocamora was born began in 2016, (like many family businesses), as a way to spend more time together as a family. Laura and Gregorio wanted a way to bring their passion for the outdoor and nature into the working lives. And also have the flexibility to spend time with their kids.

Both Laura and Gregorio came from 'outdoor' families. Their childhood  family memories are from the beach, sand and stones and long countryside walks. 


Laura and Gregoria have created wooden toy sets including blocks, construction sets and also games. They created these amazing toys for kids that allow kids the freedom to create and play in an unstructured way. Also known as open-ended play. 


Open-ended play is basically allowing kids to play unstructured, freely and creatively. They can create what they want with whatever is available to them; no rules.

This is the basis of Ocamora toys - they help kids create new worlds that are not imagined for them but that they create themselves. 

The benefits of open-ended are many.  It teaches kids to think abstractly, helps build creativity, confidence with testing and experimenting, and is important in the develop of intelligence.  Have a think about what kids do when you take them out for a walk - the stones, flowers and sticks they collect for their play. Even mud and digging becomes an exercise in creativity (and clean up for mum:)) They create their own worlds, stories and adventures all from the smallest things. And they learn - for example about colour through rainbows.

  • OCAMORA Constructions sets and blocks are new worlds, new cities, new places to explore. New houses to live in. 
  • OCAMORA Rainbows are hills for animals to climbs and magical cities with colourful hills for people and animals to explore. Join them all together and you have a playground or farmyard for animals to roam.  Who rides a rainbow quicker - the horse or the lion?



The products themselves are like velvet. I know it sounds strange, but the wood is so beautiful and so beautifully finished that it feels almost soft to the touch. I know it's wood; I haven't lost the plot. It's just really smooth, ok!  They are handmade with love and care. Made from sustainably sourced wood, eco-friendly paints and natural vegetable oils.  Ocamora’s toys are 100% free from nasty chemicals which makes them fun and safe for little ones to play with.

These are very special toys that your kids will love for many years to come.


The range includes:

Ocamora Wooden Blocks - Construction Set

This set of wooden construction blocks, with a combination of colourful and natural coloured blocks.  Set includes 25 blocks and 1 tray.

ocamora construction set

Ocamora Wooden Rainbow

Children and adults alike will be drawn to this set and naturally find ways to stack, build, and create. There are various rainbow sets - blue or red, 6 or 9 pieces.

ocamora wooden toy rainbow  ocamora wooden toy rainbow

Ocamora Wooden Blocks - 12 Teniques Game

The Teniques set is made up of 12 colourful wooden rocks which have been beautifully handcrafted. This game is based on an ancient Japanese stacking game. It's the ultimate family challenge. How high can you stack your set?

ocamora wooden techniques game

Ocamora Wooden Blocks - Houses and Cubes Set

This is a set of wooden houses and cubes block set, with a combination of colourful and natural coloured blocks. Set includes 18 blocks and 1 tray.

ocamora wooden block set 

"There is something important that you have to take into account when buying a wooden toy, and that is that it comes directly from a tree, and trees have veins and knots, it is natural and we love it, they are special, perfect, as they grow in Nature, and also, if you are lucky enough to find one in your toy, 'you will have a unique piece!" Laura and Gregorio from Ocamora Toys

All Ocamora products are made with woods from sustainable forests with FSC and PEFC certification. 

ocamora wooden toys  ocamora wooden toys