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Play To Learn

Play To Learn

Play is a really important part of your child’s life and builds the foundation for not only their physical development but also emotional and social development.

Maria Montessori said “Play is the work of the child.”  And play led learning is absolutely critical for your little ones development. What are the key principles and how do you implement is at home?

  1. You do not need a lot of toys in the house, keep it simple. Blocks are as simple as they come and one of the best toys your child will ever get.
  2. Set up a little area or play space of their own, even if it’s just a small shelf where their toys are stored in easy reach.
  3. What makes a great toy? It will stand the test of time and last beyond one phase; and it will help kids’ development
  4. Boredom is a key element of creative and imaginative play so let your kids find their own way through boredom
  5. Playing with other kids is as important as independent play
  6. Unstructured play where kids do their own thing is really important
  7. Outdoor play – both physical and exploratory play is important
  8. Activities and toys need to address the key development areas – physical for motor development, social play for emotional and social development; construction and puzzle play for problem solving and creative development; pretend play that will help build their imaginations.
  9. Music and Books help build their knowledge, develop their language, communication and social skills.
  10. ‘Real life’ play i.e. helping in the kitchen, cleaning, washing – all of this real world stuff is interesting for them and they want to help.
  11. Limit screen time - no surprises here. It is becoming more and more clear how addictive and damaging devices can be to adult minds, so it’s frightening to think about the young developing mind.  Famously, Steve Jobs did not allow his kids to have an i-Pad.  

Check out our play guides that cover each age for great play and toy ideas.

Play Guide for Babies 0-12 Months

Play Guide for Toddlers 1-3 Years Old
Play Guide for Kids Aged 3-6 Years Old


Wooden blocks give kids the freedom to create without boundaries and stimulate inventiveness and imagination.








Wooden Story Colourful Natural Block Set For Kids 50 Pieces

Milaniwood Coloured Wooden Block Set


Keep things neat with great toy storage.




Mustard Made Lockers in various sizes, shape and prices


Toy boxes, bags and shelves can also help.


Outdoor toys get kids outside exploring, investigating and learning.


Dantoy Toys BIOplastic Bucket Set 4 Pieces

Hape Toys Bamboo Adjustable Kids Telescope

Bloomingville Mini - Wood Croquet Set


Puzzles are great for developing and enhancing problem solving skills and improving memory & concentration.


Pretend play which teaches them about the real world helps them develop emotionally, socially as well as other skills.  These Little Treasure My sister Lola dolls have patterns so kids can sew their new dolls outfits.


These Little Treasures Range

Bloomingville and other pretend play toys


Books can teach kids about emotional and social issues as well as introduce them to interesting places and people.

Little People, Big Dreams Children's Books

Children's Books - Sassi Junior Sound Book. Into the Forest

Children's Book - Brave As Can Be - A Book Of Courage