Mustard Made Metal Lockers

I think our love of metal lockers starts at school. Nostalgia, maybe? But the amazing Mustard Made Metal Lockers take our nostalgia and raise it by 100! This range of powder-coated metal lockers takes it to another level. The lockers come in various beautiful colours that even rainbows envy, and sizes to suit your storage needs in the kid's rooms and beyond.  Use these great Mustard Made Metal Lockers as toy storage, near a desk, bedside table, bedroom cabinet or even TV unit.  

Meet the Mustard Made crew:

The Shorty Locker

The Shorty is a small, bedside table size helper. Opening to the left or right, this little guy will surprise with its space muscle. And look stunning sitting beside your bed.

The Skinny Locker

At 183cm high, the Skinny is great for toy storage or as a catch-all in the hall. A perfect storage option for school bags. Its skinny frame means it can fit into the tightest of corners! Line them up for a striking display too.

The Lowdown Locker

The Lowdown is a powerhouse. Low and smooth, short and sweet this baby will make toy storage a breeze even for the littlest people in your home. She's great for the TV in the lounge or sitting round or as a bedroom cabinet, or hallway catch-all.

The Midi Locker

Great for an office or as extra storage in the bedroom. The Midi is a 110cm high so a good height for kids to reach while keeping stuff neat and tidy. With a depth profile of 40cm, the Midi is great for packing a lot of stuff in a small or narrow place.

Mustard Made Baskets

We also stock the Mustard Made Baskets which are a perfect fit for the lockers.  Check them out here. They come in a pack of three and will make organisation in the lockers much easier!

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