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Mustard Made Metal Lockers

I think our love of metal lockers starts at school. Nostalgia, maybe? But the amazing Mustard Made Metal Lockers take our nostalgia and raise it by 100! This range of powder-coated metal lockers from Mustard Made takes it to another level. The lockers come in various beautiful colours that even rainbows envy, and sizes to suit your storage needs in the kid's rooms and beyond.  Use these great Mustard Made Metal Lockers as toy storage, near a desk, bedside table, bedroom cabinet, wardrobe or even TV unit.  A Mustard Locker is going to be much loved and used for many, many years.

Meet the Mustard Made crew: The Mustard Made Shorty Locker, The Mustard Made Skinny Locker, The Mustard Made Twinny Locker, The Mustard Made Lowdown Locker, The Mustard Made Midi Locker - and as if that's not enough, there are also Mustard Made Metal Baskets that go with the Mustard lockers!




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Mustard Made Lockers - Metal Basket Pack in Berry
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