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Kids Room Ideas - Easy Bedroom Updates

Kids Room Ideas - Easy Bedroom Updates

As the weather turns, as the kids get a bit older, it always raises my spirits to do a little clean out and little update. I don't have the capacity for major room changes for my kids every year but peppering a few changes in their rooms gives everyone something to get excited about. Jump into a project this weekend!

5 Tips for Easy Bedroom Updates

1. The clean out. 

It's a never ending cycle of clearing what kids no longer need, want or fit into. Donate it or sell it but the first place to start is to get rid of what is no longer needed. 

2. Decide on the big impact item/s

Make a quick plan of what needs be added to bring the room up to date.  The big impact items like moving furniture or getting new furniture; painting; introducing a new colour or theme to the room - these are the things that will drive the scope of change and everything you need to do build around those big changes.

3. A change of bed linen is quick and impactful

Updating bed linen can have a massive impact, especially if you opt for the bolder prints and colours like Kip & Co make.  My kids love new bed linen, especially ones with patterns or images they can explore through.

4. Storage doesn't have to be boring.

As the kids get older you will need different solutions for storage.  Baskets, shelves and lockers will give impact and longevity as well as the extra space you need. 

5. Wall decor updates can be easy and impactful.

Depending on the age of your kids, adding decals, posters, garlands, a canopy or mobile to a room can add a point of interest and create impact will little effort.

Here are some of our favourite things to make a big impact.

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates - Kip and Co Kids Bedding Sisters Pillowcase

Beautiful new SISTERS design from Kip & Co. Cotton pillowcase is a hand-illustrated multi-coloured faces print on a white base.  Big and bold just like the sisters we are raising!

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates - We Are Squared Solar System Poster For Kids

Not only is this a really impactful poster, it's also going to help your kids get a basic understanding of space and the different planets in our solar systems. A two-for :)

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates - Micky & Stevie Kids Lamp Wild Imagination

Let your imagination run wild with this whimsical scene where the characters in the woods imagine their "fire fly” lit shadows as their true identity.   Wild Imagination Lamps show a cast of characters walking through a snowy forest.  

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates - Mustard Made Metal Lockers - The Lowdown in Sage

Love the colours, love the size. Perfect height for the smaller members of your tribe. Great colours fit for any room.  Use these great Mustard Made Metal Lockers as toy storage, near a desk or as a bedroom cabinet.  

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates - Muskhane Handmade Rainbow Kids Felt Round Rug

Indreni, meaning "rainbow” in Nepalese, is a symbol of love and happiness. It’s a sparkling tribute to good humour and joie de vivre. It will look equally great in a bedroom or playroom.  Handcrafted, this rug designed for children will bring joy into baby’s world and will awaken their senses. 

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates - Bloomingville Mini Ice Cream Wall Hooks

This is as cute as the picture shows, probably cuter in real life. Great addition to your little ones room for toys, scarves, jewellery and bag storage on the wall.

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates - Numero 74 Canopy in Gold Sparkling Tulle 

Handmade with love, this Numero 74 canopy is sure to send your child into a dreaming sleep. The ethereal piece can be attached above a bed or inside a cosy nook to create a dreamlike atmosphere and add drama to every space. The gold speck tulle will be amazing in the sunlight, stunning.

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates - Kip and Co Single Quilt Cover in Ripple Rainbow

Beautiful new RIPPLE RAINBOW design from Kip & Co. Cotton quilt cover in rainbow waves on a cream base make for a fun colour pop. There is no waking up on the wrong side of the bed with this design!

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates - Bloomingville Mini House Display Shelf

Beautiful natural grass bookshelf.  Really makes an impact. Store knickknacks, toys, books, and other faves. Very practical, simple.  Folds so very easy to move around as needed.

Top off the room revamp with the gift of a great book, and your room update is complete!  Check out the new Little People, Big Dreams book about Prince. It's amazing.   

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