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Kids Bedroom Ideas Rainbow

Kids Bedroom Ideas - Rainbow Bright

Thinking about how to decorate your child's bedroom?  Maybe add a bit of colour and creativity to their existing room?  Getting inspiration from nature, particularly the humble yet whimsical and magestic rainbow may be the way to go. The next instalment of our kids bedroom ideas series is focused of the glorious rainbow.

1. Kids Rainbow Bedroom Ideas - Meri Meri Rainbow Wall Decoration

If you want to change the look and feel of a room without splashing out a lot of extra money (and paint!), then we've got a simple, elegant solution... Add a touch of extra magic to your walls with this beautiful rainbow wall decoration made from knitted multicoloured wool sleeve on wire frame, showcasing a range of beautiful bright colours!

2. Kids Rainbow Bedroom Ideas - In The Daylight You Light Up My Life Rainbow Kids Wall Art

Beautiful hand illustrated rainbow and lettering kids wall art print. Printed in Australia on a premium 325gsm card stock. Available in A4 or A3 sizes. 

3. Kids Rainbow Bedroom Ideas - Bloomingville Mini -Rainbow Cushion

This beautiful designed, large, rainbow cushion is inspired by the every day needs of little humans and the beautiful world in which we all live. It is stunning!

4. Kids Rainbow Bedroom Ideas - Studio Pep Rainbow Mini Confetti Pack

This definitely has ALL the colours in the rainbow, now go find your pot of gold. This is the perfect amount to sprinkle on one table for your next party.  Artisan Confetti, made in the USA.

5. Kids Rainbow Bedroom Ideas - Kip & Co Kids Bedding Single Quilt Cover Splatter Foil

Catch the light, catch the moon - this beautiful new, colourful splatter foil design will add some bling to your childs room.

6. Kids Rainbow Bedroom Ideas - blabla Knitted Cotton Cushion Rainbow

A blabla friend is a friend for life. Your child will love this collection of cushions. Beautiful colours, inviting textures, a stylish addition to any kid's room. Outer fabric is 100% cotton cover. Handmade in Peru.

7. Kids Rainbow Bedroom Ideas - Emondo Kids Bamboo Plates with Suction Rainbow

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. The unique Emondo Kids bamboo kids plate is made from FDA approved 100% sustainable Bamboo and food grade materials. Non-toxic, biodegradable, recyclable. Light weight. Made from 100% bamboo.

8. Kids Rainbow Bedroom Ideas - Hape Toys 30 Piece Rainbow Puzzle Railway Set

Make playtime learning time with this colourful rail set by encourage children to develop shape and colour recognition. Solve the bead maze and shape sorter as you drive the animal train around.  Includes xylophone and tambourine musical tracks. Made of wood.

9. Kids Rainbow Bedroom Ideas - Bloomingville Rainbow Rug

These beautiful rainbow rugs will add so much colour and joy into your little one's room!  I love these!!! Made from Jute.

10. Kids Rainbow Bedroom Ideas - Bloomingville Mini Kids Jute Rainbow Bag

I have already nabbed one of these for myself.  Yes, I still love rainbows. This is such a gorgeous little bag. I honestly don't think the pics do it justice.  It is happiness in a bag. Love it. The little ones will be able to fit their toys and take long activity books. Made from Jute.

More Ideas For A Colourful Kids Bedroom

Wooden Toys

The beauty of wooden toys does not fade. We choose sustainable sourced, well made and super fun toys for kids. Our selection of wooden toys for kids include pretend toys, educational toys and fun puzzles and games.  They are natural and safe and great quality. And yes, there are natural coloured wooden toys but there are also a lot with beautiful bright colours that your kids will love.

Planes, Trains and Cars

We have hand selected creative plane, train and car toys that will keep your kids busy and having fun – doing what they love to do as well as developing their little minds.  They are so colourful, and will make a beautiful addition to your colourful room play corner!


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