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Discover how Monique from Snuggle Hunny Kids started her business and the passion that drives her. Plus very wise words about motherhood and taking time for yourself.

Sweet Talk - Monique Hession from Snuggle Hunny Kids Chats Work and Family

Get to know the people behind the brands you love.   

Discover how the amazing Monique from Snuggle Hunny Kids started her business and the passion that drives her amazing brand. She has some very wise words to share on motherhood and taking time to look after yourself.

1 For anyone that doesn’t know, can you tell us about your business?

Snuggle Hunny Kids is a destination for gorgeous baby snuggle swaddles and baby wrap blankets that are created with the highest quality and love. We exist to create gift giving experiences where passion and purpose come together. We provide mamas with beautiful pieces for their kids & a perfect collection of gifts for the expecting mum & child. We create bespoke prints and turn them into contemporary baby swaddles, organic muslin wraps, nursery linen, bibs, milestone cards, baby accessories and more. Our focus is on contemporary design and the use of quality materials: merino wool, linen, organic muslin and cotton jersey. Having impacted the baby gift-giving space with a modern and unique range of baby textiles. Our brand has given rise to the popularity of Birth Announcement Photos worldwide, fuelled by our large, engaged online community.

2 What inspired you to start your business?

During pregnancy, with my firstborn son, I was completely uninspired by the baby products which were available! My mother and I bought some fabric and we put together swaddles and bedding for my little one to-be. I then realised that I was passionate about bringing beauty into the life of every mom and her baby through quality products that made them feel beautiful. There was a market for mothers like me, but no products to satisfy it, so I took a risk and created 6 items to sell online. 

After longing for a career change and wanting to raise my children at home, I was fortunate to spend my maternity leave raising my son and starting a unique business. I didn’t realise the enormity of what lay in front of me, all I knew was that I was passionate about this space and took a risk to step out into it. 

3 What inspires you to create the products that you do - your source of inspiration?

It is a unique space where our customers and our products celebrate making motherhood beautiful. I am inspired by design and style, I have a passion for creativity.

When I’m travelling with my family, away from the business, is where most of my ideas stem and feel most inspired.

4 What’s your favourite memory from your childhood?

It would be spending time with our wider family Including cousins and grandparents down at the beach.

5 What is the biggest lesson you have learned from your kids / family?

I think what I have learnt lately is that striving for balance actually creates more pressure. So I have realised that it’s ok not to have balance sometimes and when it's good enjoy it and when it’s chaotic, ride it until you feel on track again.

6 What is your favourite activity with your kids / family?

Going on holidays and exploring new places. We love adventure.

7 What is your favourite place to holiday in Australia?

The south coast of NSW or on the water somewhere in QLD.

8 Do you have a kids room style tip?

Start with the bedding and linen and work your room theme back from that. Take inspiration from one item you love and build a design around it.

9 From one parent to another - how do you keep it all (ie life) together and on track?

Self care is so important, and as a mother who always puts myself last I have taught myself to really allow myself to have some me time where I can. 

BE PRESENT. Be in the moment. It’s the key to everything.

Try not to sweat the small stuff as it can consume you. Know that each phase is only temporary and the hard times do pass. Cherish those younger years.