How to help a friend with a new baby

How to help a friend with a new baby

Everyone needs help when they have a new baby.  As with everything in life, it’s not a one size fits all answer, but here are some thought starters about how you can help the new mum in your life...

  1. When you are offering help don’t tell her to tell you when she needs it – offer her a specific block of time. Don’t say, “I can take the baby for a walk if you want.” Say, I have Tuesday arvo free. I can pop by and take the baby for a walk any time after 1 for a couple of hours. Would that work for you?”

  2. Buy some extra staples when you are in the supermarket like fruit or veggies. If you know her well enough to buy without texting, do it. But if in doubt send a text (just do it before you go so that she has time to respond).

  3. Make a bit extra when cooking and take it around to her. Making some extra, or just cooking her some food is one of the greatest gifts you can give. The big meals, like lasagna, bolognese sauce or soups are great; a ready to go, uncooked stir fry that she just needs to throw into the wok; pre-cooked meals for the freezer; and even snacks or a treat.

  4. Get her out of the house. Get on a pair of tracky dacks or leggings, sneakers and get mum out for a walk or to the café. Maybe you can even get her out for a facial, mani or massage over the weekend for a couple of hours.

  5. Bring her a treat. Just something you know she loves – a macaron, a donut, a coffee, hot chocolate, smoothie, magazine. Whatever it is – even some lip-gloss or cream. Just something a little special just for her. You don't have to stay - just drop it over as a little treat just for her!

  6. Take the baby for walk so she can shower, sleep, fold laundry or do whatever she wants to do.

  7. If she has a couple of kids, take the older children out. Just to the park for a play or to spend the afternoon at your place with your kids. Just to give her some time alone-ish.

  8. When you come for a visit bring coffee and a snack for you both. The idea is to visit and enjoy.

  9. Talk about what worked for you or someone you know – the objective is to share, no tell her what to do. The only thing that she needs from you right now is support not a lesson.

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