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New Mum Care Tips

New Mum Care Tips

There are so many emotions after your baby finally makes his or her entrance into the world.  Most of the time they are positive and overwhelmingly pleasurable.  And sometimes they are just overwhelming. And confusing.  Within reason these are all fine emotions to have.  You are readjusting to a new life - for most of us quite different from the one BB (before baby).  Below are tips to help navigate these new uncharted waters and help you care for the new mum as well as bubs!  Some of these helped me; others I wish I had thought of when I was a first time mum. Second time around I was a bit more care-full and kind to myself.  

I always say that you have to do what you feel is right for you – every family and person is different.  So be mindful of what you need and want.

1. New Mum Care Tips - Look after your self

Looking after yourself is as important as looking after your baby. Eat well – feed your body with the nutrients it needs to feed your baby and keep you active.

2. New Mum Care Tips - Make time to meditate or breathe

Find 2-5 minutes to mediate at least once per day. Download the smiling mind app and use their guided 2-5 minute meditations to just take a small time out. It's just breathing, but sooo good.

3. New Mum Care Tips - Go With The New Flow

Accept the unexpected and relinquish some of the old control. Trying to retro fit your old life into this new one may not work – just try and work out a new routine for the new life.

4. New Mum Care Tips - Go for a walk

Go for a walk at least once per day – 30 minutes or more ideally.  Good for you and bubs!

5. New Mum Care Tips - Sleep. Sleep. Sleep

Sleep when the baby sleeps – seriously – stuff the housework. Just SLEEP. The more you sleep the better you will feel.  This is really important. With bubs number 2 I made this happen and it made a huge difference.

6. New Mum Care Tips - Find little moments every day

Find little moments of pleasure - get yourself some gorgeous body care products and when you put them on feel like a million dollars. Put time in the diary to go out and have a mani/pedi and your hair done. Hint to friends and family that a spa voucher might be a great baby shower present!

7. New Mum Care Tips - Convenience is not a dirty word

There is nothing wrong in finding help where you can and making life run a bit smoother. Convenience is not a dirty word. And do not be shy about asking for help. Talk to the family and friends who offer about how they can help – e.g. if they offer to make you dinner – say yes please; if they offer to sit one night while you go out for a quick dinner, say yes please; if they offer to mow the lawn, say yes please. And if they ask what they can do, tell them what you need.  There are other ways to reduce your load like home delivery of groceries and meal kits like Hello Fresh.  

8. New Mum Care Tips - Give yourself permission to do things your way

If you are reading a “parenting” book and it is making you feel uncomfortable or bad in some way – I implore you to put it down and find a different one. It’s not you, it’s just that your values or beliefs don’t line up with the authors and that’s ok. If you are getting advise from someone that is not sitting well with you - that's ok. Listen but do things the way that you believe is right. Give yourself permission to do things your way. 

9. New Mum Care Tips - Routines are good for you and bubs

A schedule or routine gives structure to the day which helps you as well as bubs. It doesn't have to be to the minute unless you want it to be.  Having a routine around play, sleep and bathing means that you have free hands when you need them, together time which you both need and you both know what’s coming up. There is good reason why schools, work and life in general works on a schedule - most of the time, we need it.

10. New Mum Care Tips - Play is good for the soul

Make time every day to spend together - just playing. And make time for baby to play independently. Both are equally important.

11. New Mum Care Tips - Journal

Keep a little journal or baby moment’s journal – I like the sentence a day journals as you don’t feel like you have to write reams of words (who has time???). Or try an online version with images and then in a year you can create a keepsake.

I think it's important to listen to everyone who wants to help you with their advise, as everyone has a slightly different experience and it may come in useful some day. But, ultimately, do what you feel is the right thing for you and your family.  The fact that everyone has conflicting information should give you the confidence to go your own way, not make you feel more uncertain. Trust your instincts. Different strokes for different families!

Also, if things are getting to be too much make sure you reach out for help from loved ones and your doctor.

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