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Girl Room Update - Pretty in Pink

Girl Room Update - Pretty in Pink

It's romantic, it's bold, it's feminine and it is fabulous.  Make it bright, make it dusty, make it light make it bold. In all its shades and tones PINK rules!! As one of the most bought colours in the store, here is our must have collection of all things pink.  (Check the link at the bottom for even more!!!)

1. Girl Room Update Pretty in Pink - We Might Be Tiny Cat Snackie Dusty Rose

The We Be Tiny Bear Snackie™ silicone snack box can handle any situation you throw at it! Pop it in the freezer, use it to whip up quick microwave snacks or just add some fruit and veg to it.  Every Snackie consists of a bowl and plate secured by a flexible silicone strap to hold them together. Fill your Snackie with healthy home-made treats and get around those sugary impulse buys when toddler tantrums come knocking. 

2. Girl Room Update Pretty in Pink Love Mae Kids Tableware - Kids Bamboo Set in Blush Pink

This kids tableware set is essentially ageless. While the high sides make it perfectly functionally for a toddler to keep the food on the plate and not slide off onto the table, it is also the size that an adult will enjoy. 

3. Girl Room Update Pretty in Pink - Kip and Co Field of Dream Collection

Beautiful new Field of Dream design from Kip & Co.  Shades of pink and orange on a pale pink base with aqua accents.  Update a pillowcase, quilt cover or sheet to make a big impact. 

4. Girl Room Update Pretty in Pink - Nana Huchy Mini Maple in Pink

Very sweet, vintage inspire rag doll is perfect for little hands. Miss Maple loves to get to spend time with her friends and makes a great cuddle companion.

5. Girl Room Update Pretty in Pink - Bloomingville Mini Colourful Felt Ball Mobile

Gorgeous Bloomingville Mini Felt Mobile. Easy room update with lots of colour and impact. Great for a playroom or bedroom. Wool mobile featuring little felt balls in various colours. Gorgeous colours to add to your little one's room.

6. Girl Room Update Pretty in Pink - Marta Abad Blay Kids Wall Art - Alice

Beautifully illustrated, little girl on a bike created by Marta Abad Blay. Marta’s passion is drawing.  Her art is unique, colourful, and adds joy to any space. She shares her incredible talent with us, one drawing at a time while also raising her beautiful babies in Spain. 

7. Girl Room Update Pretty in Pink - blabla Knitted Cotton Heart Cushion

A blabla friend is a friend for life. This beautiful heart pillow will fill their room with as much love as there is sunshine! Your child will love the blabla collection of cushions. Soft pastel colours, inviting textures, a stylish addition to any kid's room. 

8. Girl Room Update Pretty in Pink - Djeco Kids Kids Oana Journal With Lock

A beautifully illustrated secret notebook with a lock and invisible ink pen. This stunning notebook comes with a padlock with 2 keys. But the best part is that it also comes with a cool pen with invisible ink that appears the special light at the end of the pen.   Great for drawing, visual diary, keeping notes, or a gratitude journal. 

9. Girl Room Update Pretty in Pink - Olli Ella - Dinkum Doll Aya Dress Set

Super cute for your little ones favourite Dinkum Doll. An adorable outfit to wear to a dreamy tea party, sunny afternoon strollsand weekends spent in the garden. Your little ones will love playing dress-up with their Dinkum or other dolls. Aya Dress comes with a matching hair-bow and is designed for little hands - easy to put on and take off their Dinkum Doll. 

10. Girl Room Update Pretty in Pink - Lauren Hinkley Kids Jewellery Sugar Plum Fairy Charm Bracelet

Sweet pink, blue, and white charms on this bracelet will make a beautiful gift. Featuring fairy, ice cream, heart, flowers, and more and made from high-quality silver plated chain, glass, enamel, and metal charms. All Lauren Hinkley pieces are designed by Lauren and her team in Melbourne and are majority made by magnificent Aunty Val in QLD.

11. Girl Room Update Pretty in Pink - Josie Joan's Kids Josie Hair Clips

Your little lady will love to zhuzh her hair with the stunning Josie Hair Clips. These beautiful Josie Joan’s fabric-covered clips are an easy way to look effortlessly cute all the time and keep hair out their beautiful faces! Featuring a unique scalloped edge detail which creates a touch of feminine detail.


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