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Raising Curious Kids and Global Citizens

Raising Curious Kids and Global Citizens

Inspiring kids to learn about the world, actively participate in society and encourage a love of learning is important. There are so many resources that can help start this amazing journey at home. Starting early with interesting books, games, puzzles and posters is a great way to support pre-school and school learning at home.

Top 5 Tips for Raising Curious Kids and Global Citizens

1. Encourage 'Why' conversations

Ask them questions in everyday life to encourage their curiosity

2. Read fiction and non-fiction books

Read  everyday, at least once per day. Read fiction and non-fiction books to. And make sure to discuss the book and topic at the end of each book.  Real stories about real people are just as interesting to kids as made up ones.  And in some ways can be a lot more relatable. Even at a young age.  

3. Encourage activities that inspire learning and their love of our Earth

You don't need a teaching degree to create learning experiences.  Go to the Zoo, different Museums and Exhibitions; create a treasure hunt in your area, do science experiments at home; day trip to a new part of your state to learn about the history, flora and fauna;  Sign up for the Astronomical Society in your area, the one in Victoria is posting regularly on Facebook about things going on in our sky and its fun to talk about.  There are lots of learning opportunities for the whole family at your finger tips. 

4. Puzzles and games with purpose 

There are lots of different puzzles and games that encourage curiosity and celebrate our beautiful Earth and life on it.  Kids love to learn about animals - prehistoric and current. 

5. Encourage communication and gratitude through journaling. 

When they are little its as easy as verbal journaling at the end of the day, i.e. what did you enjoy, what was your favourite part of today? As they get a bit older try picture journaling or 


Here are some of our favourites activities to get you started at home.

1. Raising Curious Kids and Global Citizens - Build Your Own Discovery Globe

This is a book and an activity set. This beautifully-designed kit has everything any armchair adventurer needs to begin exploring their very own globe. The highly-illustrated World Explorer's Guide covers a variety of themes including the Earth's biomes, animals, and World Heritage sites, providing a fascinating introduction to the world, its people, and places.  My favourite part is the Build Your Own Discovery Globe part of the kit.  It has instructions, card model pieces, wooden rods, and the connector to get started on building your very own spinning globe!! 

2. Raising Curious Kids and Global Citizens - Djeco 54 Piece Aquatic Observation Puzzle and Poster 

A beautiful, underwater-themed 54 piece puzzle with creatures of the deep. All around one big picture is lots of things to find. Start by putting the puzzle together, then have fun finding the items from the border on the puzzle.

3. Raising Curious Kids and Global Citizens - Little Guides to Great Lives Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was the first black president of South Africa. His story is extraordinary. It's not just about one person - but a whole country's fight for freedom. The Little Guides to Great Lives will entertain, inform, and provide enquiring young minds with a whole host of inspiration, with full-colour illustrations and fresh design that brings their incredible stories to life. Great for older kids, 7+.

4. Raising Curious Kids and Global Citizens - Why Do We Need Bees? Children's Book

Very First Questions and Answers Series in a Lift-the-flap format. Beautiful books for children starting to become aware of the world around them, and curious about all the wondrous natural world around them.   Why do we need bees? Where do they live? How do they make honey? And who’s who in a beehive?  

5. Raising Curious Kids and Global Citizens - Sassi Travel, Learn and Explore Endangered Animals Puzzle and Book Set

The world is changing, and with it the animals that inhabit it. The 205 piece puzzle shows the animals that populate Earth, each continent. Whiles the 32 page book teaches kids about endangered animals.

6. Raising Curious Kids and Global Citizens - Usborne Big Picture Atlas

A beautiful large picture book with maps, animals, people, and landscape information. With 15 big and beautifully illustrated maps for you to pore over, use this atlas to explore our fascinating world.  Find famous landmarks, discover where different animals and people live around the world, plus lots more... 

7. Raising Curious Kids and Global Citizens - Little People, Big Dreams Children's Books about Mahatma Gandhi

The book follows Mahatma Gandhi, who dreamt of unity for all people and religions. He led peaceful protests to free India from British rule and unite the country. This inspiring and informative little biography comes with extra facts about his incredible life at the back. Discover the lives of outstanding people from designers and artists to scientists in this book series.

8. Raising Curious Kids and Global Citizens - Marta Abad Blay Kids Wall Art - We Are One World Map

Beautifully illustrated world map on a black background, featuring animals, nature, people and buildings. Marta’s passion is drawing.  Her art is unique, colourful and adds joy to any space. She shares her incredible talent with us, one drawing at a time while also raising her beautiful babies in Spain. 

9. Raising Curious Kids and Global Citizens - Little People, Big Dreams Children's Books about David Attenborough

As a young boy David became an avid collector of fossils and plants. His great love for living things led him to science, and his great passion for people led him to TV. David has changed the way we think about our planet. This inspiring book features facts and photos.

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