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Build Your Own Discovery Globe

$29.00 $34.99

This is so cool!  This is a book and an activity set. This beautifully-designed kit has everything any armchair adventurer needs to begin exploring their very own globe.

The highly-illustrated World Explorer's Guide covers a variety of themes including the Earth's biomes, animals, and World Heritage sites, providing a fascinating introduction to the world, its people, and places. 

My favourite part is the Build Your Own Discovery Globe part of the kit.  It has instructions, card model pieces, wooden rods, and the connector to get started on building your very own spinning globe!! (Yes, that is squealing that you can hear - it's me, very excited!!)

With adult help, your little one will make their very own globe and discover more about the places, people, and animals that make and inhabit our beautiful Earth. The globe features icons labeling everything from natural wonders to famous faces, topics that can then be explored in more detail in the explorer's guide.

Publisher's note: adult assistance recommended when building the globe.

The kit will be a great present for your curious little explorer and make a really fun weekend project.

Recommended Age: 7+

Book size: 23x26cm 48p

Overall box size: 24 x 27 cm x 4cm

  • Contains everything you need to create an easy-to-make spinning globe (47 cm in height).
  • Includes a highly-illustrated companion explorer's guide covering a wide variety of topics, including megacities, flags, famous faces, and natural wonders.
  • The globe's cultural labels create a fresh and engaging approach to the world map.