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Tender Leaf Toys

Tender Leaf Toys are special. Imaginative, entertaining, timeless, and long-lasting these charmingly and quirky toys are made to last. Your kids will love to explore, pretend, and learn with these amazing toys. And they are as good for kids as they are for the environment.

With dinosaur toys, your kids will love to forest trail adventure kits. Open ended play will have no bounds as their siblings, friends and family play with the toy figures.

From raw wood to the finished product, every single stage of production happens in the same family-run factory in Indonesia. Once each toy has been hand-painted, assembled, and checked, it is wrapped in paper and packaged in recycled cardboard.

Tender Leaf Toys only work with reclaimed rubberwood which is a by-product of the latex industry. And for every reclaimed tree, Tender Leaf Toys use they plant a new one. They have been awarded the ICTI Ethical Toy Program seal of approval for their ethical and sustainable supply chain.




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Tender Leaf Toys - Forest Trail Kit
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