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Discover a spectrum of colors and pencil types for your child. From traditional, to metallic, double-ended, and even woodless.  Whether your child is sketching a masterpiece, writing a story, or colouring in, our pencils are the perfect companions for their creative journeys. Our colored pencils come in a multitude of hues, allowing young artists to bring their imaginations to life with vibrant strokes.

Pencils are not just writing tools; they are instruments of self-expression, creativity, and learning. Pencils promote fine motor skills, encourage neat handwriting, and allow children to explore their artistic talents. Let your child's imagination soar as they sketch, doodle, colour, write, and create with our exceptional pencils.

Whether you're stocking up for school, artistic projects, or are looking for a great gift, our selection offers a range of affordable options. We strive to make quality stationery accessible to all, ensuring that every child can experience the joy of creating with reliable pencils.




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Ooly Kids Stationery 12 Double Ended Colour Pencils
Save 13%
Rex London 36 Colouring Pencils – Wild Wonders
Save 23%
Djeco Kids Stationery - 8 Metallics Pencils
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Floss & Rock Kids Stationery - Party Animal Colouring Pencils Set of 12
Save 54%
Scribbla Kids Stationery - Platypus Colour In Pencil Case
Save 43%