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Kids Tableware

As a mum, I know how important it is to get kids eating well, and for my sanity how important it is to have easy to clean kids’ tableware. The easier the better I say. With that in mind we have a range of kids’ placements in fun colours and shapes, baby feeding sets, kids divided plate sets and on the go products like snack boxes which will make mealtime much easier. Colourful, interesting plates will mean that eating the food off the plate brings surprises at the finish line! Safe for little ones, we prefer products that are free of harmful chemicals.  Off to the moon, learn your ABCs or play with a bear!  The choice for dinner is yours.  Engaging in playful banter and keeping them engrossed in their fun plates, cups and placemats sure beats arguing about broccoli! Make feeding time an adventure with our Kids Tableware ranges.  




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We Might Be Tiny - Cat Stickie Plate Pink
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We Might Be Tiny - Cat Stickie Plate Powder Blue
Save 13%
We Might Be Tiny - Bunny Stickie Plate Dusty Rose
Save 13%
We Might Be Tiny - Stickie Bowl Blue Dusk
Save 10%
Love Mae Baby Feeding Set - Cars
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