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Kids Lunch Box & Accessories

Function is the word when it comes to lunch boxes but they can still be fun and look great.  Shop our collection of school lunch box favourites from Love Mae and Sprout & Sparrow.  The lunch boxes from Love Mae have matching cooler bags and water bottles that are great for the environment and your kids!  Add Sprout & Sparrow lunch cards to their lunchbox - it will make your little one smile when they open their lunch box every day. They just make recess and lunch that little bit more special for your kids. And for our gorgeous, fun-loving toddler, the We Might Be Tiny range of snack boxes are going to send snack time into cuteness overdrive.




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Love Mae Kids Bento Box - Gypsy Girl
Save 43%
Love Mae Kids Lunch Box - Animal Village
Save 36%
Love Mae Kids Lunch Box - Gypsy Girl
Save 36%
We Might Be Tiny - Cat Snackie Grey
Save 29%
We Might Be Tiny - Bear Snackie Yellow
Save 29%