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Dena Toys

Dena toys are safe, simple, and smart designed for creative play. Made from platinum-based silicone they are safe and fun for kids 0-6 years old. Perfect for free play, Dena creates toys that stimulate a kid's imagination and creativity with their rainbow pastel toys and more. They are great for construction games, creating amazing stories, imaginative play toys and even for baking when the kids get older.

Thanks to its soft material and its design, your baby will begin to stimulate her creativity from the first day. They will spend the day experimenting, playing, and chewing safely. Dena Toys are a teether and playmate, all in one. Your child will enjoy themselves while developing fine motor skills.

Dëna toy packs are colourful, made for free play which is always creative and encourages kids to use their imaginations.




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Dena Toys - My First Rainbow
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