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Baby Change Tables & Dressers

Shop our range of high-quality baby changing tables with drawers, and changing pads and mats. Plus check out our very popular baskets for change tableNo longer do you need the traditional baby changing table as a part of your nursery essentials. You can now combine style, practicality, and functionality when changing nappies by using a beautiful basket for the change table!

Baby Change Dressers

Our nursery furniture range includes the Babyletto and Leander range of dressers that can also act as a changing table.

If you're looking for a functional yet stylish addition to your baby's room, our range of baby change dressers with drawers is the perfect space-saving and storage solution. Simply add a basket for change table, pad, or mat to the top and you have a changing table! We have a variety of Baby Change Dressers that are stylish furniture pieces with plenty of storage for baby's clothes, nappies, and all those bits and bobs you'll want at hand, easily accessible in the dresser drawers.

Once you finish with the change mats, trays, or baskets, you can then continue to use your dresser for other storage purposes as your little one grows out of the nappy changing stage. We love multi-purpose furniture which can have extended uses in the home.


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