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The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Best Gifts for a 5 Year Old

The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Best Gifts for a 5 Year Old

WOW - A big 5 year old.  New friends, new words, new toys, new teachers, writing, reading – so much  to do!!! School is every emotion wrapped into one day – and emotional development and being able to communicate adequately what is happening becomes really important.  It is a happy and sometimes confusing time.  Plus the rigour of school days can be really tiring.  

With school will come so much development and social awareness.  Also a strange time for them in new environments, they will look to the safety they know, before moving on to new pursuits.  Their old toys will still be of interest, some may even go back to playing babies but they will also discover stationery and all the joys that writing brings. New books will start to take the place of their old favourites.

Key areas of development using PLAY: Social & Emotional, Creative & Imaginative Play, Problem Solving, Gross Motor Skills

Play is a really important part of your child’s life and builds the foundation for not only their physical development but also emotional and social development.  Independent play time is really valuable and important to build into your child’s day.  And it's important for you too!  

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The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Little People Big Dream Books

Discover the lives of outstanding people from designers and artists to scientists in this amazing book series, Little People, Big Dreams. All of them went on to achieve incredible things, yet all of them began life as a little child with a dream.  Very inspiring for little minds to learn about the amazing people who contributed so much to the good in our world.  I read and reread these with my eldest and they are so well written and so interesting for little minds. They really show that everything is possible if you work at it and follow your passion.

The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Tender Leaf Toys Forest Trail Kit

An adorable woodland themed adventure kit with a waterproof mat and bag. Comes boxed, so great for a present.  Included in the Forest Trail Kit is a wild wolf bag, nature trail whistle, 142cm x 142cm illustrated waterproof rug, magnifying glass, printed nature trail card, owl compass and an Australian Leaf hunt and den building cards. Awesome!!!

The No Nasties Play Makeup is perfect for little ones who love to dress up and play make-believe!

The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - No Nasties Natural Kids Play Makeup

My girls love putting my shoes on, pulling makeup out, and breaking most of it!!  Now they can have their own - and better for their gentle skin too!!! 

The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - What To Do With An Idea book by Kobi Yamada

Obsessed with this new range of books from Kobi Yamada. They are so beautifully written and illustrated. And so inspiring! This particular book explores ideas.  What do ideas become? Big things, brave things, smart things, silly things...Everything you see around you was once an idea. So what will become of your idea?  The other books in this range are Maybe and What To Do With a Problem?

The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Olli Ella Casa Clutch

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  The carry anywhere home for all your little favourites!!  The Casa Clutch is the perfect little toy house / basket. Made from 100% natural Rattan and available in two shades, the Casa Bag makes the perfect mobile home for small toys and figurines - and other precious cargo.  Easy for kids to carry - a generous size with a sturdy wicker handle and opening at the roof and door.

The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Bloomingville Mini - Wood Croquet Set

So much fun with the little ones.  Croquet set for the backyard to keep them entertained and outside!!!  Set of 10 pieces.

The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Little Sticker Dolly Dressing

An adorable sticker book full of mermaids for young children to dress. With over 200 stickers of sparkly mermaid tails, friendly sea creatures, shell jewellery, and seaweed skirts to add as the mermaids swim in a coral reef, ride seahorses, find treasure, and more. The back cover folds out for parking spare stickers when not in use.

The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Bloomingville Mini - Cloud Money Box

Sweet ceramic money box to start the love of saving! It's a great habit and skill to develop as young as possible!

The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Ocamora Wooden Block Sets

Ocamora make some of the most beautiful wooden sets that you will find, including wooden rainbow toys, construction sets and also games. They created these amazing toys for kids that allow kids the freedom to create and play in an unstructured way. Also known as open-ended play. Each set lovingly made by a family in Spain.  


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