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The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Best Gifts for a 1 Year Old

The Ultimate Kids Gift Ideas - Best Gifts for a 1 Year Old

We have a new series with amazing Gift Ideas for Kids.  Great for Christmas or Birthday Presents - or just because!

This collection of gift ideas will keep kids busy, developing and having fun! 

It is such an amazing age. So much going on. They are mobile, they have access to everything and they want to touch, feel and explore everything. As soon as they can walk they will run! They will want to be feeding themselves and drinking by themselves. Basically, everything is explorable and they are going to start getting a bit miffed if they cant do what they want to do! They will love more physical activities at this stage.  Getting into the sand pit, playing with balls, tactile books that they can get into on their own.  The sand pit can do no wrong (until someone throws sand in their eyes)!   Finding more interactive play opps and getting outside with them will satisfy their never-ending thirst for exploration. Swings, things they can climb. Nothing is off limits as they get older. They will be learning new words all the time and start identifying everyday things like toys they love, objects around the house and body parts. Water play and bubbles are universally loved. They will get frustrated a lot – you wont always understand what they want, and you wont always see eye to about things.  But don’t worry – you’ll know when they are displeased with your behaviour!

Remember that play is a really important part of your child’s life and builds the foundation for not only their physical development but also emotional and social development.  Independent play time is really valuable and important to build into your child’s day.  And it's important for you too! 

Rubens Barn EcoBuds Organic Doll

Perfect for little ones that put everything in their mouths - the EcoBuds Organic Dolls. EcoBuds are handmade with soft organic cotton.  EcoBuds love to explore the outdoors, getting in to the bush. They are nature friendly love to hang out with their new family.  Cuddles are most welcome whatever the adventure.

Hape Toys - 30 Piece Rainbow Puzzle Railway Set

Make playtime learning time with this colorful rail set by encourage children to develop shape and colour recognition. Solve the bead maze and shape sorter as you drive the animal train around. Includes xylophone and tambourine musical tracks.

Solvej Baby And Toddler Swing - various colours available

This Solvej swing is a beautiful and very popular baby swing for the home environment, skilfully crafted with top quality materials. The timeless and natural design makes this swing blend nicely into any environment, modern - old, indoors - outdoors. You can easily convert this baby swing, when your toddler is around 2 1/2 years old, into a toddler swing. This makes the swing suitable from 6-months to 6 years (40kg). 

Children's Books - Zoo Friends Lift the Flap Picture Book

The animals don't know quite what to do.  They have questions that need answers all over the zoo.

20 page, fun, lift the flap picture board book that small kids will love.

Dena Toys - Kid, House and Tree 18 Pack

Dena Toys are safe, fun, and facilitate free play and creativity. This is going to be used in your house for years.  You can use this pack as a toy, puzzle, stacker, or even for baking.1yr olds can use it to chew on, squeeze or throw around.  see the listing for ideas for older kids.

Bloomingville Mini - Wood Stack and Pull Along Toy

This is a really popular option. So much fun for the little ones.  This pull along toy with little animal characters also comes apart.  Bear, Bunny and Mouse are made of pieces that can be taken apart and then re-stacked. So your little one can practice putting it back together and then take it for a walk.  Great for motor skill development as well as memory and concentration.

Nana Huchy - Honey Bunny Soft Toy

This sweet little bunny is thriving - the jumpy, sparkly little bunny that he is. Sure to become and sweet, hunny, bunny friend for your little one! Beautiful and soft, ready for cuddles. So cute.

Hape Toys Maple Wood Colour Block Set

This block set will be adored for years.  hours of entertainment. 50 classic shapes in beautiful colours for building, stacking and sorting. Provides visual and tactile stimulation, encourages fine motor development and can launch interaction and communication development. Includes a canvas bag for easy storage.

ZAZU Plush Toy With Night Light - Bo

The Zazu Bo Bunny Nightlight is a soft toy, nightlight, and comforter in one.  Bo Bunny is a little night time buddy that will help soothe and calm your little one if they wake at night, or as they go to sleep.  Super soft to touch, very cuddly.

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