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Kids Room Ideas - Create A Colourful Kids Bedroom

Kids Room Ideas - Create A Colourful Kids Bedroom

As we move into the colder months, where the days are so short, and the weather so cold, grey and dull it’s more important than ever to think about the power of colour and how adding it to your environment can energise and raise your spirits (and a winter break to Hamilton Island doesn’t hurt either!).  Joyful, vivid, bright colours have been found to give people more energy, make us feel better and even positively affect people’s behavior. Bright colours just make everything so much happier and more fun!!

Whilst you can’t always make huge statement changes like painting walls, nor do you always want to, you can bring colour through decor and styling fairly easily.  You don’t even need to make furniture changes. Create a fun kids room with some simple decor ideas.


Kids Bedding

The bed and bed accessories are usually the largest pieces in the room so a quick update with maximum impact is bedding.  Adding a colourful kids bedding set or even just brightly coloured pillowcases will give an instant lift to their room.  And if you want to go bigger, add a colourful bedside locker.

Think about adding Kip & Co colourful kids bedding and blankets – always vibrant and amazing!  Add a Mustard Made metal locker for a major pop of colour.


Kids Room Decor

Small  decor items are great to inject a pop of colour around the room or in specific areas.  Think about adding kids wall hooks, toy storage bags, garlands or colourful toys set up as a display.

Metal Clip Wall Hooks from Bendo are fabulous and bright.  The Knobbly Wooden Wall Hooks come in various designs and lots of colours to suit and room theme or design. 

Felt Ball Wall garlands from Down To The Woods pops of joy on a string!  If rainbows rock your world then the Meri Meri Rainbow Wall Hanging is a must. The Muskhane flags and stars are great for a pop without being too overwhelming.


Creative Toys & Books

Colourful toys for pretend play or creative play are not only great for your kids imaginations, social skills confidence and development but also as room decor when they are not playing with them. Books are an amazing way to inspire your kids (and you too).

Some of my favourite bright toys at the moment are from Make Me Iconic – my girls love the Iconic Aussie Vehicles set and the Rainbow Puzzle.  For something smaller check out the Behind the Trees cameras which come in great colours. Get them creating with the Kipod Toys Woodygami range – keeps them busy and you get a toy and decoration in one purchase.


Kids Wall Art

Kids Wall Art will zhuzh up the walls in a jiffy.  There is so much available its hard to decide, I know.  But go for something bright and cheery so every day when your little one wakes up, they are greeted by joy and fun.  Sprout and Sparrow and Marta Abad Blay kids wall art are both great choices.


About the products featured (from left to right):

Kipod Toys Woodgami

With this kit your child created wooden and paper animals using the kit provided.  The kit includes animal bodies, origami paper and instructions.


Sprout and Sparrow Kids Wall Art

A sister duo from Melbourne, Sprout and Sparrow create beautiful, contemporary childrens wall art prints that bring colour and life into children's bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries. All products are designed and printed in Melbourne, Australia.


Inspirational Children’s Books: Stories for Kids Who Dare To Be Different

105 extraordinary stories of amazing boys and girls, women and men, who broke the mold and changed the world for the better.


Kip & Co Tassel Throw

Kip&Co's iconic tassel throw in a spray mint with oversized lilac tassels


    Kip & Co Bedding Flight Path

    Incredible sheets, quilt cover and pillowcases from Kip & Co for the little explorer in your life. World Map in blues, greens, pinks and oranges on light background.


    Bendo Metal Clip Wall Hooks

    This stunning collection of metal paperclip wall hooks can be used to hold clothes, coats, hats, magazines, books and more. 


    Fabelab Lazy Bear Toy Storage Bag

    The Fabelab range of storage bags, including bunny, cat and pirate, will help keep a tidy home and their gorgeous little faces will put a smile on your face. You can leave their ears down or tied together as handles. They come with quilted lining and a string to close. 


    Make Me Iconic Rainbow Puzzle

    This giant floor puzzle can also be used for a load of other stuff too like building an imaginary world for your little people or using the rays to design and sculpt, or make faces with the rays and talk about your feelings. This jigsaw is HUGE, its colorful and it's also really really versatile. Stack, sort, display and just have some rainbow joy. 


    Mustard Made Metal Locker

    Sisters Becca and Jess are not the only ones who love lockers!! Especially ones that look as good as these ones. Great colours fit for any room.  Use these great Mustard lockers as toy storage, near a desk or as a bedside cabinet.  


    So whether you choose to do a complete make over with kids wall art, bedding, wall hooks and garlands or just update the bedding I hope you have some fun with it too. It should be, and will be, as fun for you to put it together as it is for your little one to live and play in it!