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Nomuu Kids Wall Art Flissy Floss Bunny With Blue Coat

Little Miss Flissy Floss is a bunny rabbit, that loves to potter around, and find secret hidey-holes.

She is a great companion to Bunny Rabbit with Circles,

Developed with an ink pen, and then colored digitally. The paper used is 220 gsm, which is acid free. This is a thicker stock with a slight texture grain to it. The colour of the paper is a light cream/off white.

The image fits easily into a 8x10 photo frame and will have some negative space around the image.

As this is printed out on an A4 print, it fits also just as well into an A4 frame. Fits nicely into the A4 frames from Ikea.

The paper is A4 in size which is 21x29.7cm. But the actual design is roughly 5.6x8.2' (14.39x20.9 cm) , which allows for for a border for easy framing.