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Lauren Hinkley Kids Jewellery - Mermaid Song Necklace


A beautiful necklace - vibrant and colourful.  It's full of spirit. The Mermaid’s Song Necklace is filled with a mermaid’s favourite things, shells and gems and beautiful things which sparkle and shine. The necklace includes gorgeous Labradorite gems and a clear crystal among several multi-coloured shells. 

Listen to the sound of the mermaid’s song, singing of the joys and the wonders of the ocean, where treasure can be found at every turn; and every current can take you on a new adventure. 

The necklace comes in a box perfect for a gift.  Matches perfectly with the Purple Heart of the Ocean ring.

Lauren and her team in Melbourne design all Lauren Hinkley pieces. Their pieces are fun and try to inspire kid's adventures and imaginations.