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Duski Dream Night Light - Rocket


Take your little one to the stars (in their dreams) with this sweet rocket light. Your little one is going to love going to bed with this night light as their bedtime companion.

The Rocket Duski Dream Night Light will give your little one peace of mind, and a new little buddy, offering a simple, comforting glow that can help lull them off to sleep.

The Rocket Duski Dream Light features a child-friendly, safe LED colour changing night light which is ideal for children of all ages. Who wouldn't want to go to sleep flying to the stars every night?

Your little one is going to love this light.

Each Duski Dream LED night light is held to the strictest Australian safety standard. The LED night lights do not get hot, ensuring they stay cool to the touch for delicate young hands.

This sleek night light comes complete with its own remote which can be used to change the Dream Light to

  • 13 different colours,

  • a sequence of rainbow colours,

  • white reading light,

  • dim overnight setting and

  • an optional timer setting.

Duski Dream Lights are plug-in only lights and come with a USB cord to run all night. 


  • LED lights – low power consumption and never get hot or need replacing

  • Use on colour changing mode or set to one static colour

  • Timer: Use the remote to set the 1-hour timer or leave it on all night

  • Set the dimmer: 4 levels of brightness

  • Emits enough light to read by when on white light on the brightest setting

  • For minimal light use the red light on the lowest setting – sleep mode (half-moon button).

  • The rainbow colour changing function gently scrolls through all the colours providing enough light to feed, change and check on sleeping tots.

What is included:

  • Your Duski design and LED light base

  • USB Cable

  • Remote control

Please note: This product does NOT come with the wall plug adaptor. You can use ANY USB outlet including laptop, computer, any iphone or smart phone charger. 

Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 5cm approx. varies by design