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Djeco - Do It Yourself Budding Botanist Set


My girls love this! This creative kit includes a press to assemble and take on a walk to harvest plants and a 24-page herbarium. Once pressed and dried, children can discover the beauty of the plants, they can then collect them and keep them in this pretty herbarium by noting their name, the place, or the date of the harvest, like a real botanist!

A great product that awakens the beauty of the plant world. 

I love it because it helps kids focus on nature around them and really take in the beauty of our country. And it's a creative way to interact with nature and learn.

Contents: 1 wooden press to assemble (2 illustrated and perforated wooden boards measuring 18 x 18 cm, 1 Velcro strap, 3 cardboard boards, 8 stickers, 3 sheets of paper, 2 rubber bands), and 1 herbarium notebook of 24 pages.

Suitable for ages: 5+ years

The product is constructed from FSC®-certified paper and cardboard (notebook) and a wooden press.

Package Dimensions: 20cm L20cm H4cm W