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Ooly Markers Pastels Dual Tip Markers

$18.99 $21.99

Very practical and still so cute for kids! I love the dual tip and the array of gorgeous colours.  Pastel Liners are a set of 8 pastel markers with dual tips on each marker. One side is a 5mm chisel tip so you can use it as a pastel highlighter pen. The other end is a 3mm fine tip marker that you can use to sketch, color, draw and write in beautiful pastel colors.

Draw and highlight easily with beautifully bright pastel colors with the Pastel Liners marker set. Navigate seamlessly between highlighting and intricate artwork with the dual-tip design. Convenient for school, homework or travel.

  • Pastel marker set - color, draw and highlight in pastel colors
  • Set of 8 pastel pens - there's 8 different pastel colors to choose from
  • Dual tip markers - use the 5mm chisel tip as a highlighter pen or the 3mm fine tip as a marker pastel
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up

      Creative Kids Stationery - Perfect for little hands and creative minds.