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Snuggle Hunny Kids Swaddle Sets

Baby Swaddle Wraps

Shop for baby swaddle wrap sets with either beanie or topknot. A popular and essential baby product. With colours and prints to suit any taste.


Swaddle Wrap Uses

Swaddling babies helps replicate the familiar feeling of the womb and helps adjust to life outside the womb. They are a popular way to help your baby to settle too. Swaddling is also a great way to prevent your baby from being jerked awake or startled if they move their limbs when asleep.  Swaddle Wraps are very versatile - they are also perfect as lightweight blankets for prams and car seats or even as a feeding cover. 

Great for a baby shower or newborn baby gifts. 




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Snuggle Hunny Kids Baby Jersey Swaddle Wrap and Beanie Set - Eucalypt
Snuggle Hunny Kids Baby Jersey Swaddle Wrap and Top Knot Set - Boho Posy