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Nana Huchy Soft Toys - Dodger the Dinosaur


A bygone era inspires Nana Huchy linen dolls and soft toys. This beautiful range will delight your little ones with whimsy and elegance for many years. Designed in Australia, with an extensive range featuring beautiful fairies, princesses, animals, and more, Nana Huchy soft dolls and soft toys are unique, keepsake toys that are as fun to play with as they are beautiful to display.  You'll discover beautiful materials, the colour palette of a child's imagination, and superior quality.  Every piece is meticulously crafted.

Growing up with an activist for a father hasn't been easy for little Dodger. Carted around from protest to protest as a baby, Dodger longed to be left alone to sort his extensive collection of pressed flowers from the Cretaceous Period. Thankfully Big Dodger soon wisened up to his little one's needs, and now the two fully embrace the quieter side of life.

Little Dodger Dimension: 28cm Long 18cm High Big Dodger Dimension: 32cm Deep x 27cm High