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Muskhane Handmade Windbell - Mustard

$9.99 $18.00

A lovely Muskhane Handmade Felt Windbell in Mustard.  A soft, light bell to hang anywhere you can imagine, for enlivening the space and inspiring daydreams. A soft and very tranquil bell sound.  Your childs name or some other important sentiment can be expressed on the hanging label.

Dimensions: h. 50 cm 
Composition: felt, wool and paper - A renewable material 
Fair trade product - Handmade in Nepal 

The Muskhane spirit. Muskhane is a state of mind. Our name means smile" in Nepalese. Designed in France, handmade in Nepal using the highest quality wool workmanship make Muskhane products truly luxurious. Unique designs, conceived in harmony and balance, whimsical and authentic. Muskhane is an ethical brand, committed to social responsibility committed to the welfare of the artisans, and their impacts both social and environmental. It is this optimism and engagement that guides their line of products - conceived in a balance of responsibility, creativity, and harmony. Since their first collection in 2002, Muskhane draws its inspiration from the artisanal heritage of Nepal, rich in colors and quality materials, to develop its collections in felted wool and cashmere. Thanks to this rich cultural heritage, each and every Muskhane piece is hand-made.