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Djeco Kids Stationery - Kendra Little Secret Notebook with Magic Pen


We have run out of stock for this item.

The Kendra Journal is a beautifully illustrated secret notebook with a lock and an invisible ink pen. This notebook is smaller so it can easily go with your child on trips or for smaller children as their first journal. 

This stunning notebook comes with a padlock with 2 keys. But the best part is that it also comes with a cool pen with invisible ink that appears as a special light at the end of the pen.   This notebook contains 88 lined and illustrated pages. 

The set makes a great gift. 

Great for drawing, a visual diary, keeping notes, or a gratitude journal. 

Suitable for ages: 5+ years

Size: 15 x 10 cm

Please note, this product contains button batteries (within the pen that are unremovable and can not be replaced). Button batteries are unsafe if swallowed.

Creative Kids Stationery Set - Perfect for little hands and creative minds.