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Solvej Baby And Toddler Swing - Kowhai Yellow

$254.00 $259.00

This Solvej Swing in Kowhai Yellow is a classic, canvas baby swing for the home environment, skilfully crafted with top quality materials. The timeless and natural design makes this swing blend nicely into any environment, modern - old, indoors - outdoors. Babies love to swing, it is not only fun but also soothing for them.

You can easily convert this baby swing, when your toddler is around 2 1/2 years old, into a toddler swing with domes on the leg-divider. This makes the swing suitable from 6-months to 6 years (40kg). The unusually long period you and your child can use this swing makes it excellent value for money.

This swing is made from weatherproof materials, natural durable timber, rot proof canvas and stainless steel fittings so you can use it outdoors.

Carbine hooks and screw eyes make it very easy for you to move the swing so you can use it indoors as well.

It is an extremely safe swing for your baby with its safety belt and closed hooks & screw eyes. The beads are coloured with non-toxic paint. The rope is a 10mm soft colour coordinated high-performance marine braid.

The swing packs down flat making it convenient for you to transport or store.

You can choose from 11 colours
Forest Green, Pohutukawa Red from the Pasifika Range inspired by the deep forests, vibrant flowers and vast ocean of the Pacific region, or Merino White, Soft Linen and Classic Taupe from the Naturals Range inspired by the more subtle and softer colours in nature. New colours include Moss Green, Smoke Grey, Slate Grey, Coral Black, Midnight Blue and Kowhai Yellow.

All these features plus a 9-year replacement guarantee for broken and worn-out components make this swing a great investment for you and your child. Each swing is made to order.