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Nana Huchy - Jimmy the Elephant Baby Rattle

$23.99 $26.00

Super snuggly and soft and a perfect size for teensy baby hands.  These little rattles are absolutely gorgeous.  Such a sweet newborn or baby shower gift.

The benefit of rattles that a baby can hold is that it makes a sound when babies hold or move it.  This stimulates action-reaction learning, providing babies & toddlers with an instant reward & helping them understand cause & effect. 

Little Jimmy The Elephant just wants to grow up! The smallest in his herd, and so darn cute, he just wants to be taken seriously.  He gets a bit frustrated when people treat him like a baby!  The only one who understands is his best mate, Lewis the Lion.

The range also includes a comforter and a larger soft toy.

Measures 19cm
Suitable for 0+
Gentle cold machine wash, do not tumble dry.